3 Simple Homemade Recipes That Eliminate Cough Naturally


Coughing is one of the most common health problems, in fact, it is the most common complaint in the United States. Not only does it disrupt your sleep and health, but it also bothers people around us. When pathogens found in the throat or pharynx can cause a cough. It can also be due to a viral infection, common cold, flu, smoking, asthma, and lung cancer.

You don’t need to resort to pharmacy or doctor for a simple cough. Try these home remedies for a cough, its simple and easy.

3 Simple Homemade Recipe That Eliminate Cough Naturally

Recipe #1


-One medium sized yellow onion
-One or two cups of raw, unfiltered honey
-A glass container with water tight


Thinly slice a medium yellow onion.
Lay the slices in the glass jar.
Pour or spoon the honey over it a few times until you have loosely placed all the onion into the container.
Fill the container with honey up to the level of the onion or a little higher.
You will see that the onions shrink as their juices are drawn into the honey.
After it sits overnight about 8 hours, strain out the onion pieces carefully.
Drink now.

Recipe #2


2 medium sized organic apples
2 medium sized onions
14 walnuts


Clean and wash the onions and cut each onion into four pieces.
Do the same with the apples and crush and clean the walnuts.
Put the ingredients in a bowl, put the water in it and place the bowl on fire.
Cook until half of the water evaporates.

Consume 1 cup of the resulting liquid three times a day.

Recipe #3


2 organic onions
3 organic garlic cloves


Cut 2 onions into half-moons and put in a deep pan.
Cut garlic in half and add to pan.
Cover slightly with honey and let simmer until the honey has a flavorful onion taste.
You can make this recipe without the garlic, but adding it makes a stronger medicinal syrup.

How These Remedies Work?

Onions are well known for strengthening the immune system; they have anti-inflammatory properties and act as a good expectorant if taken raw. It good for respiratory conditions, including colds and cough.



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