3 Reasons to Add Lemon to Water


Naturopaths and similar practitioners have been using lemons for a long time to boost the overall health of their patients. And there is good reason for this. Lemons are high in Vitamins B and C and minerals like calcium, magnesium and iron. Adding lemon to water and consuming it daily can bring with it many health benefits. It is best to start out by using a quarter of a lemon in an 8-oz glass of water, then gradually work up to an entire lemon for the same amount of water. At first, this can taste sour or bitter, but after several days it will likely begin to taste sweet as the body’s pH adjusts. Below are the top three reasons why lemon in the water is such a healthy option.

1. Lose Weight
One of the biggest benefits to adding lemon to the water is that it can be incredibly helpful for those trying to shed unwanted pounds. Pectin fiber, present in the lemons, helps to curb the appetite naturally and fight hunger cravings. Lemon juice also aids digestion by stimulating the production of bile, a substance in the body that breaks down food during digestion. Drinking this lemon-water can also help detoxify the liver, which is important because the liver is the organ which metabolizes fat and produces bile. The aid to digestion and the healthful effects on the liver can both aid in weight loss over time.

2. Boost the Immune System
Drinking lemon water can also help to support and nourish the immune system. For one thing, it has antibacterial properties which can help the body to kill off microbes that cause a variety of illnesses. Also, it strengthen the lymphatic system — which is an important part of the body’s immunity and is designed to trap and elminate pathogens — by helping to cleanse the lymph stored in lymph nodes throughout the body.

3. Reduce Inflammation
For those who suffer from inflammatory conditions like arthritis, there is good news: adding lemon to drinking water has properties which can greatly reduce the inflammation. This is because lemon juice, although acidic to begin with, becomes alkaline once it has been metabolized and this alkalinity helps reduce acidity in the body which is one of the main causes of inflammation to begin with.

There are a few caveats to including daily lemon water to the diet: firstly, it is best to dilute the lemon juice with lukewarm water in order to avoid wearing down tooth enamel, which lemon juice has the potential to do. Secondy, it is important to use organic, non-GMO’ed lemons and to stay away from lemon juice concentrate that is sold in most supermarkets. It contains preservatives and other additives which can negatively impact the body; also, during its processing, many of the natural enzymes, vitamins and antioxidants are lost. Therefore, using the fresh fruit itself remains the best way to take advantage of the many health benefits that lemons offer.

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