3 of the Most Powerful Herbs You’ve Never Heard of


Using Nature To Unlock Our Immortality

Immortality has always been a dream of conscious humans. The desire to avoid death and live eternally is universal, profound and God-like. 

Answers to the mystery of immortality have been growing in forests and jungles since the dawn of time.

I believe that it only makes sense that as consciousness in the animal kingdom evolves, so too should consciousness in the plant kingdom. The very same plants that help in the healing of diseases, infections and chronic illnesses can also help us to live longer, more productive and healthier lives.

The most powerful herbal medicines assist the body by unlocking the codes of what your genes can already do. These most effective herbs are known as adaptogens, which assist the body in its natural task of maintaining homeostasis—the delicate state of balance necessary for survival.

A body out of balance is considered to be in negative homeostasis, a condition in which the restorative and degenerative systems of the body may not function properly. If untreated this may eventually lead to symptoms of fatigue, anxiety, depression, insomnia and other various sicknesses.

But adaptogens help the body adapt to, and compensate, for change. In a person with high blood sugar, for example, an adaptogenic herb might help to lower glucose levels in the body, whereas, in a person with low blood sugar, the herb would help to raise them.

One of the main things adding to your lifespan is an enzyme called telomerase. Have you ever gone camping and cut a rope, and then burned the end of it with a lighter to keep it from splitting? The telomerase works in the same way. It keeps the ends of your DNA from unraveling.

Unfortunately, every time your cells divide, some of this is lost, meaning you are breaking your body’s ability to regenerate itself every time you grow or heal. Adaptogenic herbs are programmed at finding ways to either rejuvenate telomerase or prevent its loss in the first place. I believe that in nature we can finds ways that could effectively halt or even reverse the aging process.

What are these herbal treasures, you ask? I have spent years researching the best adaptogens and medicinal mushrooms and here are the top three:



Astragalus and Life Force

Astragalus ranks as one of the most potent health tonics in the world. For over 2,000 years it has been one of the most popular tonic herbs used in Asia. Astragalus is said to strengthen the primary energy of the body and to tonify the three burning spaces, or in other words, to strengthen all metabolic, respiratory and eliminative functions.

As an energizer, Astragalus is famed for its strengthening effects on the outside of the body, in particular to the musculature. It is therefore beneficial in particular to adults who tend to be physically active and require abundant external energy. In China, Astragalus is sometimes considered superior to Ginseng as an energizer for active people. Astragalus is used to strengthen the legs and arms and is commonly used by people who work outdoors, especially in the cold because of its strengthening and warming nature.



Fenugreek and Growth Hormones

Fenugreek seeds contain chemicals known as saponins, which have a wide range of medicinal applications. Fenugreek’s saponins, in particular, are linked to stimulating release of growth hormone from pituitary cells. This gland is located right in the center or the brain, near the hypothalamus at the base of the skull. It’s only about the size of a pea, but it’s incredibly important. It secretes various hormones into the bloodstream to assist in several processes throughout the entire body. This gland is often referred to as the “master gland” because of its various roles in the body. The pituitary gland supports the adrenal glands, thyroid gland, ovaries and testes, which in turn produce other hormones.

Medicinal Mushroom Red Reishi 


Health benefits of Reishi

Perhaps Reishi’s greatest potential medical benefit is its ability to strengthen the body’s immune system. Consumption of Reishi is therefore considered preventive and immune enhancing, rather than treatment for a specific disease. In addition to triterpenes in its fruiting body, Reishi mushroom also contains polysaccharides. These enzymes are found under the spores released under the cap of the mushroom. Reishi polysaccharides affect blood by increasing the white blood cells count, which boosts the immune system’s ability to fight disease.

Among the medicinal plants, Reishi is a potent adaptogen. It may assist the body in adapting to stresses of various kinds; these stressors may be temperature, trauma, sleep deprivation, exposure to toxins, radiation, infection, or psychological stress. Like adaptogens, Reishi shares the properties of causing no side effects with regular consumption; it helps an organism return to a state of equilibrium.

Red Reishi acts as an immune modulator—a substance that regulates, and fine-tunes the immune system. The primary responsibility of the immune system is to detect pathogens such as viruses, bacteria and other microbes that invade the body. Under normal circumstances, an intact immune system is capable of deterring most of these organisms before it causes any damage. However, if the immune system is compromised, viruses, bacteria, parasites and fungi can proliferate and cause disease. Consuming Reishi eliminates these problems.


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