3 Neem Essential Oil Uses for Rockin’ Natural Skin Care


Neem essential oil is an incredibly potent oil that has long been considered a “cure-all” in India. It’s one of the most potent, restorative of all the essential oils and is known as the rock star of nature’s pharmacy. The uses for this versatile oil include everything from a natural insecticide to a master detoxifying agent for the skin.

Neem oil contains over 70% fatty acids (stearic and oleic) that are especially effective for use in natural beauty products. Using neem for skin care significantly improves texture and smoothness.

3 Neem Essential Oil Skin Care Solutions You Can Make

1. Anti-aging eye serum

Got crows feet around your eyes? Want to diminish the effects of aging skin? Neem oil to the rescue! Try this super anti-aging solution to lessen the effects of skin damage and aging around the eyes.


4 drops of neem oil
1 teaspoon finely grated orange peel
1 teaspoon jojoba oil

How to use:

Use 2 times a day for best result, once in the morning and once when cleansing skin at night. You can make larger batches, but be sure to store in a darkened, glass container to prevent turning rancid.

2. Skin healing spritz

If have problem or damaged skin in large areas like your back, you can make a solution with neem that helps to diminish sun burn scarring, heal acne lesions, and cure skin infections.


1 part neem oil
1 part grape seed oil
2 parts organic apple cider vinegar

How to use:

Mix all ingredients and store in a small spray bottle. Spray on back or other affected areas of the skin every evening. Make sure to use a dark bottle to protect ingredients until used up and store in dark, cool place.

3. Rockin’ Skin Toner

If you’ve developed brown spots, pimples, acne scars or other noticeable marks on your skin, especially after summer exposure to sun, use this rockin’ skin tone formula for naturally good results.


1/2-1 teaspoon natural lemon juice
few drops neem oil

How to use:

Pour small amount of lemon juice into palm of your hand or small mixing bowl. Add a few drops of neem oil and mix. Apply to face to brighten, heal and soothe skin. This is a perfect toner for healthier skin.

Safety Tips for Neem Oil Natural Skin Care Solutions

Neem oil is incredibly potent and shouldn’t be used neat on the skin. It needs to be diluted in a carrier oil and shouldn’t be over-applied. Less is more, as is the case for most essential oils. If you experience any skin sensitivity, discontinue use or dilute solutions even more.

Neem essential oil is an incredibly effective oil that is anti-viral, anti-microbial and anti-bacterial. It cleanses skin and rejuvenates skin by adding vitamin E and important fatty acids for good skin health. If you’ve not tried this extraordinary oil for natural skin care, it’s definitely worth exploring.

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