3 Kinds of Mushrooms Which Help To Treat Cancer


When you think of cancer treatments, you typically think of radiation therapy and chemotherapy. These two treatments are effective for treating cancer, but they also poison the body creating weakness and illness. Alternative treatments that work far better than traditional methods are mushrooms. You may find this a bit odd, but mushrooms are fungi with potent medicinal properties in them that can effectively treat cancer naturally without causing any kind of harsh side effect.

Fighting Cancer with Mushrooms

Mushrooms are potent fungi that contain medicinal properties that help strengthen the immune system, shrink tumors, fight off free radical cells that cause cancer while providing the body with a healthy dose of protein and antioxidants to help keep you energized and youthful.

The three types of mushrooms that are best for preventing and treating cancer are Reishi, Tramates Veriscolor and Chaga.


Reishi is a popular mushroom also known as Ganoderma. Doctors and oncologist use the mushroom for treating various kinds of cancers naturally.  Even scientists and research teams are doing studies on how exactly the fungi can help cure you if a certain type of cancer were to invade your body. If you want to receive the benefits of this mushroom, toss it into main dishes, salads and salads and eat it up.

Reishi herbal supplements are also available for those of you who are not fond of the earthy flavor and texture of these red medicinal mushrooms. However, fresh Reishi mushrooms do contain more of the potent nutrients needed by the body to fight off cancer.  Those nutrients are complex carbohydrates, water-soluble polysaccharides, triterpeniods, proteins and amino acids. These nutrients have anti-tumor and immune modulating effects on the body.

Tramates Versicolor

Tramates Vericolor mushrooms also well known as Turkey Tail mushrooms are another potent medicinal mushroom useful for treating and even permanently eliminating cancer from the body. This herbal mushroom has the ability to strengthen the immune system and reduce inflammation in the body. You can find the colorful mushrooms growing in the woodlands and forest near dead trees. Many of you may know this fungus as cloud mushrooms. Doctors throughout the world commonly use this medicinal fungus to help cancer patients recover from radiation treatments.


King of all mushrooms is Chaga. It is a mushroom that not only helps heal people from cancer, but it also helps people recover from traditional cancer treatments by boosting the immune system with antioxidants and other potent nutrients. This medicinal herb, which you can find growing on trees can be useful for creating medicinal teas to help detoxify, nourish and heal the body not only from cancer, but other several types of illnesses too.

The powerful mushroom is also useful for relieving inflammation in the body and trying viral infections. In fact, the National Cancer Institute has reported that Chaga does in fact treat cancer successfully.

Kind in Mind

Mushrooms such as Reishi, Tramates Versicolor and Chaga are all outstanding herbal mushrooms to use to help treat cancer, but that is because these fungi help strengthen the immune system. If your immune system were not strong enough, it would not have the ability to fight of cancer cells. Many of the traditional cancer treatments in today’s world weaken the immune system and cause a cancer patient to become very ill. If you become ill with cancer, do research and look at all the possible alternatives that you could use instead such as mushrooms, which are just as effective if not more. After all, your health is your responsibility.

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