3 Everyday Jobs Need Better Safety and Environmental Procedures


Jobs Need Better Safety and Environmental Procedures

You may be surprised but there are many jobs that many of us do each and every day that could be potentially problematic in the longer term. Why you may ask? Well, the chemicals and the factors that they have to deal with on a daily basis, that’s why.

Even though health and safety training in the workplace has come along by leaps and bounds in the last few decades, there are still lines of work where health and issues surrounding the chemicals used can be considered potentially problematic for people working in them and also the environment. So, we thought it would be best to take a look at the industries that fit into this category.

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Even though there is increasingly strict legislation surrounding farming, there are still many practices and chemicals used that can potentially cause environmental problems. From fertilisers and pesticides used to help grow plants, to issues with cattle feed and other products used to feed livestock, the notion of the farmer as a pastoral individual is far from the truth. Intensive farming procedures have worked to reduce the price of food and to boost incomes, however the long term costs are yet to be known.


The construction business has come on in leaps and bounds in recent times, however the job itself and the line of work is still a hard one. The high mortality rate in the construction industry, as well as the daily health risks involved with dealing with often toxic building materials means that the immediate and also the long term dangers are potentially an issue. Problems with asbestos and noise concerns from tools have been highlighted with recent lawsuits, however there is plenty more that needs to be done to make this career safer.

Training courses and site management safety courses have come a long way to reduce dangers and inform workers of best procedures for dealing with issues, however there is more to do. The constantly changing factors in the industry, as well as a lot of businesses dislike of change in health and safety terms mean unsafe and also old out of date practices are still often an issue.

Energy Extraction

The area of energy extraction, whether that is working in an oil field, involved in mining, or part of the gas fracking industry can also be a dangerous one. With many of the dangers of construction, as mentioned above, the energy industry also has its own problems. Working at sea for instance increases the level of risk that workers undergo greatly, as does working under ground in mines. Once again, great steps have been taken to make these industries safer in recent times, however there is much more to be done. From legislation around working hours, materials used and chemicals, this is a dangerous industry to be in and one that

The world of work is becoming an increasingly safe place due to the actions of workers, unions and also forward thinking employers. However, much more needs to be done to ensure the safety of individuals at work.

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