3 Easy Cancer Prevention Strategies you should Start Today


Allow me to scare you a little by saying that the World Health Organization expects a 70% rise in cancer cases worldwide in the next two decades. That is a seriously alarming number.

Cancer is real and something that you should avoid taking lightly. The good news is, with the right cancer prevention strategies, you can prevent this disease. You can do so by starting your healthy regimen today.

Here are three simple yet very powerful strategies that are sure to keep cancer at bay.

1.    Eat healthily, eat organic

There have been many studies revealing that a diet high in fruits and vegetables is important to prevent cancer. It does not only strengthen the immune system but according to CancerResearchUK.org, it also helps prevent DNA damage caused by the formation of cancer-causing chemicals.

The problem is that not all fruits and vegetables these days are safe to eat. The pesticides used in commercially grown foods increase the body’s exposure to harmful chemicals.

Even when properly washed, it is not an assurance that all the toxic chemicals will be removed. Because food production is a complex issue, the rule of thumb when it comes to food choices is to ‘better be safe than sorry’.

The best strategy is to buy organically grown fruits and vegetables. These are grown without harmful pesticides, fertilizers, and genetic modifications. They may be a bit pricey, but remember that you are buying for your family’s food safety.

2.    Sweat it out

Regular exercise significantly lowers your risk of developing a number of diseases, and one of them is cancer. According to Cancer.org, various studies are continuously being undertaken because of convincing evidence that medium-intensity exercise reduces one’s risk of developing cancer.

Exercise helps the cells properly carry out toxins, wastes, heavy metals, viruses and dead cells out of the system.

For proper excretion of body wastes, it is important to move. Health experts recommend a medium-intensity workout of 30 minutes a day, five times a week. You will know you are doing it right when you start to sweat and feel more energized after a workout rather than tired.

3.    Detoxification

Our bodies are exposed to cancer-causing pollution and harmful chemicals every day. From the food we eat to the air we breathe. Exposure is inevitable, but through regular detoxification you can help significantly reduce the accumulation of these toxins in the cells.

Experts suggest that the best detox strategy for cancer prevention starts by cleansing the colon. The liver, kidneys and gall bladder then follow. There are various types of cancer prevention strategies through detoxification for you to choose from, including whole food detox, juicing, water detox or complete fasting.

Cancer is preventable, and the majority of those diagnosed are treatable once caught during the early stages. Armed with the right information and prevention strategies, you and your family can enjoy a full and beautiful cancer-free life!

Sources: World Health Organisation, Cancer Research UK, BreastCancer.org, and Cancer.gov

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