What A 3-day Cleanse Can Do For You


I recently went on a three day cleanse and was surprised how beneficial it was. Being that I consider myself a reasonably healthy person I never seriously considered doing a cleanse.

It was my husband who inspired me to try a cleanse. He has been suffering from an unknown inflammation disorder and has received no relief from his pain from the medical community. We both strongly believe that food is medicine. So we took the task of healing into our own hands and started a cleanse.

There are many types of cleanses out there. Many are extremely restrictive. These did not appeal to us. Instead we choose an anti-inflammatory cleanse designed by Julie Daniluk called the Hot Detox. It is a 21-day program with a 3-day cleanse in the middle. She says you can do just the 3-day cleanse so this is where we decided to start. I guess we were looking for quick results, which we ended up finding!

This article is about my experience with a cleanse. That is, from the perspective of someone in good health. But I want to note that my husband also improved on the cleanse, as a person suffering from inflammation.

The cleanse we choose is a whole food cleanse. There are many whole food cleanses to choose from. I like the idea of cleansing by eating the right foods instead of drastically restricting food intake. Nutrients play a big role in cleaning the body so it makes sense to me to make sure the body gets everything it needs. Because we were eating regularly we were able to feel full and satisfied during the whole process.

How A 3-Day Cleanse Can Help A Healthy Person

So that you can understand where I was before the cleanse, let me tell you a bit about myself pre-cleanse:

I am 30 years old and do moderate exercise pretty regularly. I always ate relatively well, although I admit I skipped meals too often due to being preoccupied. My food choices were often very healthy but I have been known to indulge in sugary baked goods and chocolate too often. I also loved a coffee or two a day and found myself needing a coffee come late morning.

Here is how I improved after my 3-day cleanse:

  • Sugar Cravings Are In Check

    I used to wander into my kitchen hoping I could find a hidden piece of chocolate around 7pm each night. My sugar cravings would get surprisingly intense at times. It was a hard thing to manage. During my detox, I had regular satisfying meals and I never experienced a sugar craving. Since the detox, I find my mind occasionally wandering towards a sweet treat but it does not have the power it did. I don’t feel like the same woman who could eat a whole box of cookies in a day.

  • Caffeine Addiction Quashed

    Coffee was another of the things I found myself regularly craving. Coffee noticeably elevated my mood and took away any fatigue I was feeling. I have not had a coffee craving since my detox. Even better I did not suffer from the caffeine withdrawal headaches I experienced other times I cut coffee out of my routine.

  • I Have More Energy

    My increased energy was a big factor in reducing my craving for coffee but it is beyond that. I haven’t been getting tired in the afternoon and I have been very productive because of it.

  • Excited About Healthy Food

    I think this is the most important change from my cleanse. I love to cook and eat but sometimes get lazy about it. Spending three days focused on food, trying new recipes, thinking about health, and feeling rejuvenated from it, filled me with creative energy around food. I haven’t stopped making great healthy food since the clenase!

Go Try A Whole Food Cleanse Today!

A short whole foods cleanse is a great way to stop bad eating habits, detoxify your body, increase your energy, and remind you of how to have a great relationship with food, all without feeling the likely pains of other types of cleanses.

Try it today!

Amy is a writer and mother with a wide range of passions, hobbies, and interest. She hopes to share knowledge, experiences, and ideas to help inspire natural lifestyles in others and form community around those ideas. She writes about anything that moves her with topics that range from health and food to small-space gardening.

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Amy Lock
Amy is a writer and a mother of two young boys. She has a wide variety of interests including mindful parenting, small space gardening, health and fitness, creative healthy recipes, and more... all of which are reflected in her writing.

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