25 Ways to Tighten Your Skin after Weight Loss


Toning is often touted as an essential part of workout regimen for a reason: many times after losing weight certain areas can need extra time to tone up or you may have areas of excess skin that makes you feel look and feel like you still need to lose weight when you don’t. Extra, sagging skin can happen for many reasons, but most often it’s the result of losing a large amount of weight at once. It’s possible to firm back up with a little time, effort and some helpful tips to avoid sagging skin in the first place.

Here are 25 ways to tighten skin after weight loss that can make you feel and look good:

  1. Lose weight gradually: Weight gain causes skin to stretch, so if you lose weight too fast your skin won’t have time to firm up and will sag since there is no fat to fill it. Lose weight a little at a time and do toning exercises to avoid this situation.
  2. Firming creams: Used consistently these creams can make skin look and feel firmer. Look for creams with vitamins E and A, as well as Aloe and even collagen to improve its appearance.
  3. Stay out of the sun: Being out in the sun without protection, as well being in chlorinated water can loosen skin more than it already is since they break down skin cells. Limit your time outdoors and in pools for best results.
  4. Use sea salts/mineral scrubs: these help firm skin by promoting blood flow, rejuvenating the area you apply them to and improving circulation. Circulation encourages elasticity, making skin tight again.
  5. Collagen creams: Collagen, in concentrated forms, is an effective way to tighten skin for most people. It is expensive so speak with your physician to see which ones work best.
  6. Try massage therapy: Massages invigorate and promote blood flow, stimulating your skin in a way similar to scrubs, particularly on problem areas like thighs and upper arms.
  7. Try a spa wrap: Spa wraps are used to tone skin that are shown to work for most people. By applying mud or another substance, then wrapping you in kelp or seaweed it detoxifies your skin, making it healthier and firmer.
  8. Lift weights: One of the best ways to tone is to weight train. Using just 5 pound dumbbells and ankle weights 4-5 times a week can help build muscle, which firms your skin.
  9. Stay hydrated: Keeping hydrated, especially after a workout, keeps muscles from cramping, purifies skin and keeps it taut. Hydration allows your muscle to stretch, making them lean and tight.
  10. Do yoga: Yoga is extremely effective at toning because it elongates muscles and produces lean muscle mass, making you toned all over.
  11. Eat raw fruits and vegetables: Cooking a lot of vegetables depletes them of their nutrients and robbing your skin of the vitamins it needs to stay firm. Eat raw vegetables whenever possible. You should ensure to have essential nutrients to keep your skin healthy and beautiful.
  12. Do calisthenics: Calisthenics are great for your metabolism and overall body toning by helping promote lean tissue growth. Try doing exercises like jumping jacks or windmills daily to get optimal benefits.
  13. Lean protein: Lean proteins, like poultry and fish, provide your body with the right type of fat and don’t stick to areas prone to sagging, like inner thighs and builds muscle to make you look tone.
  14. Eliminate junk food: Junk food weighs down your skin, making it sag more than it currently is and adding unnecessary fat. Avoid cookies and chips while you tone up.
  15. Eat fruits and vegetables regularly: These foods, even when cooked, help because they are made up of mostly water, which your muscles need to repair and bulk up, which makes you firm.
  16. Watch what you wash with: Certain soaps contain sulfates, which can dry out your skin, robbing it of its elasticity and causing it to hang and droop.
  17. Avoid tanning beds: Tanning beds are even worse than the regular skin because the rays are concentrated, destroying skin cells and vessels, making skin sag permanently. You should be aware about the skin care tips to prevent tanning especially during summer.
  18. Rinse off after the pool: Chlorine can strip your skin of essential oils needed to make it look and appear firm and retain its form.
  19. Castor oil: If you mix castor oil with a little lemon juice and apply it to your skin it will firm up your skin by tightening the cells in that area.
  20. Use essential oils: Essential oils, like lavender oil, can do wonders to make skin firm by replacing the ones lost by weight loss. It is suggested to read the weight loss mistakes to avoid before use these essential oils to tighten your skin.
  21. Use tightening masks: Tightening masks, when applied to your stomach, can shrink the skin and cause it to tighten when used over a few months. This is one of the ways to effectively tighten the skin of stomach after losing the fat faster.
  22. Use tightening astringents: mix honey and witch hazel to firm up skin and make it stay toned. Use 2 to 3 times a week so you don’t dry out skin.
  23. Almond oil: Almond oil will moisturize skin, restoring moisture and making it elastic again.
  24. Soy protein: Soy protein is a great way to replace lost elastin, so your skin feels and looks firm. Add some to your diet daily to see results in a few weeks.
  25. Use the right skin cleanser: using homemade cleansers that invigorate gently can encourage your skin to repair and tighten. Try using sugar with milk and fruit to supply antioxidants as well, which promote healthy skin.

Now that you are aware about the ways to tighten your skin after weight loss, you can move ahead without worrying about the skin issues caused after losing pounds.

Claire John
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