15 Natural Home Remedies for Ringworm


Ringworm is one the most common infectious skin ailments. Basically, it is described as a condition, in which the fungi live and develop under the first layer of the skin. You know you get ringworm when there is one or more area of your skin surrounded by a circular ring of rash and redness.
Ringworm is classified into 4 main types, including Tinea Corporis (ringworm on the body), Tinea Pedis (ringworm on foot), Tinea Cruris (ringworm of groin) and Tinea Capitis (ringworm on scalp).

Symptoms of Ringworm

Commonly, as soon as you catch ringworm, you will experience itchiness, redness and swelling on some parts of your body such as arms, foot, back and scalp. Then a circular ring will appear and gradually expand outward. Meanwhile the skin inside the ring is either clear or red.

Causes of Ringworm

Apparently, ringworm is the consequence of a mold-like parasite, which can be spread through people, objects or environment.
Here are top 15 easy and effective home remedies for ringworm that you should take into consideration to help yourself and others to eliminate the condition.

1. Aloe Vera

Aloe vera will never let you down when it comes to skin problems, including the condition of ringworm. With the soothing properties, aloe vera quickly relieves the irritation on your skin and eliminates the fungi causing the condition.

  • Cut an aloe vera leave open and get the gel inside it.
  • Apply the gel onto the patchy areas and cover with a bandage.
  • Leave it overnight and rinse off in the next morning.

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2. Papaya

Papaya is reckoned as one of the most effective home remedies for ringworm as it contains powerful antibacterial properties that can remove germs causing the condition.

  • Take a papaya and cut it into small pieces. Use them to apply topically to the skin and leave it there for 30 minutes. Finally, use clean water to rinse it off.
  • Also, you can use papaya juice and mashed papaya seed to clean your area with ringworm.

3. Licorice Root

Licorice root has been long used in traditional medicinal prescription for a countless number of skin problems, in which most of them are caused by fungus, virus or bacteria. Accordingly, the ingredient is also a perfect solution for treatments of ringworm.

  • Put licorice root in a pot of water. Boil them up.
  • Let the liquid cool down and spray it on your skin with ringworm.
  • Do this 3 times daily for the best result.

4. Tea Tree Oil

Do not miss the treatment of ringworm using tea tree oil since this is among the most powerful and effective ones. It has been confirmed that the oil consists of a huge quantity of antibacterial and anti-germs properties, which are used to combat various skin ailments. To make use of this oil, you should:

  • Use a cotton swab to dip in this liquid and remove the excessive oil.
  • Apply directly the oil to affected areas then leave it to dry naturally.
  • Finally, rinse off with clean water.
  • Do this a few times daily until the condition improves.

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5. Garlic

Garlic is the most well known ingredient for its anti-swollen and antibacterial properties. It is the reason why it has been used to deal with various skin problems caused by fungus, bacteria and virus. And treatments for ringworm cannot miss the involvement of garlic.

  • Take some garlic cloves and cut them into slices.
  • Directly apply them on the infected skin and cover the area with a clean cloth.
  • Leave it overnight. In the next morning, remove the cloth and garlic and wash off with clean water.

6. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar provides us so many health benefits, including the treatment of ringworm. Using the antibacterial and anti-inflammation properties, apple cider vinegar will help you quickly ease the symptoms of the condition and eliminate ringworm.

  • Dilute 2 tablespoons of raw apple cider vinegar into a cup of water. Use a clean cloth or cotton ball to apply the liquid onto the infected skin. Let it dry and rinse off with water.
  • Alternatively, in case ringworm has spread to many parts of your body, pour a cup of raw apple cider vinegar into your bathtub. Soak your body in there and relax for 10-15 minutes before rinse off with water.

7. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has been a good companion in treating so many problems of skin, from acne, blemishes to dry skin, etc. In this case, the oil also makes an ideal home remedy for ringworm by inhibiting the growth of fungi and easing the itchiness.

  • Use coconut oil to dab on affected area.
  • Leave it for a few minutes.
  • Rinse off with lukewarm water

8. Neem

Neem, also known as Indian lilac, is highly effective in treating various skin condition like dandruff, eczema, scabies, and ringworm as well. This is due to the anti-swollen and antibacterial properties in the leaves, which makes a perfect home remedy for ringworm.

  • Use neem oil to directly apply onto the infected skin areas. Let it sit on for a few minutes before washing off with clean water.
  • Alternatively, mix some drops of neem oil with aloe vera gel to make a paste. Use a bandage to cover it. Leave it for a few hours before washing off.
  • Mix neem oil, sesame oil, and turmeric powder together so that you can get a paste. Apply it to your affected area. Leave it in at least 30 minutes then rinse off.
  • Keep applying the treatments with neem then you will feel better just after a few days.

9. Mustard Seeds

Aside from the use in culinary, mustard seeds are also popular for its benefits for human, especially skin problems. By cleansing the area and eliminating the fungi, mustard seeds become one of the most trusted treatments of ringworm.

  • Mix a tablespoon of mustard seeds with a little water so as to get a fine paste.
  • Apply it topically on the affected skin then leave it for a few hours.
  • Finally, rinse off again with water.
  • Do this 2-3 times a day to get the best result after some days.

10. Turmeric

Besides the treatments for stomach ache, head lice, eczema, turmeric is also used to make a home remedy for ringworm.

  • Add a few drops of common oil like coconut oil, tea tree oil or neem oil into a handful of turmeric powder.
  • After getting a paste, apply it to the skin then cover with a bandage.
  • Leave it overnight and wash off in the next morning.

11. Vinegar and Salt

You will never know the incredible use of vinegar and salt combination until it comes to treatments of ringworm. You can feel irritated at the first moment of applying the method but it will quickly go away and leave you comfortable.

  • Mix 1 tablespoon of white vinegar with 2 tablespoons of salt to get a fine paste.
  • Apply it to the patchy skin and leave for at least 30 minutes.
  • Finally, cleanse the area with lukewarm water.

12. Colloidal Silver

Another simple and easy ingredient you can use to make home remedies for ringworm is colloidal silver, which can be easily found in drugstore. With naturally antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, it can soothe the area and eliminate ringworm. To make use of colloidal silver, simply apply it on the affected area and let it steep for some hours.

13. Lemongrass Tea

Like other ingredients used to treat ringworm, lemongrass tea contains anti-swollen and antibacterial properties, which can help you to eliminate the fungi and reduce the symptoms of ringworm. To use lemongrass tea to deal with ringworm, consume 2-3 cups of this tea during the day to benefit the condition.
Although all tips mentioned above are really powerful and effective in treating ringworm, they still need time to take effect so as to give you the best result. Therefore, be patient and try to combine some of them for better effect. Also, make sure you are not allergic to the ingredient that you about to use by testing them in a small areas of your skin in advance.

Extra Tips:

  • Clean your house and garden, especially your room.
  • Keep your skin, scalp and hair clean and dry.
  • Do not share personal items with others.
  • Avoid touching pets.
  • Do exercise regularly and have a healthy diet to stimulate immune system.

14. Jojoba Oil and Lavender Oil

A perfect combination to make an effective home remedy for ringworm is made from lavender oil and jojoba oil. By using the anti-bacterial and anti-swelling properties, the oils help to inhibit the development of fungi and reduce symptoms. Besides, they also accelerate the healing process of skin tissues.

  • Mix jojoba oil and lavender oil in the same amount.
  • Use a clean cloth to apply onto the affected areas.
  • Leave it on in 30 minutes before washing it off with lukewarm water.

15. Iodine

Thanks to the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory qualities, iodine tincture can help you successfully and effectively get rid of ringworm just in a few days. However, due to the strong effect of the ingredient, do not abuse it more than 3 times a day.

  • Make sure that the affected areas are clean and dry.
  • Use a clean cotton cloth to dip in the iodine tincture.
  • Apply it to the ringworm and wait in 15-30 minutes. Wash off with clean water.
  • Do this no more than 3 times a day in a week then you will soon see improvement.


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