14 Warning Signs that You Have Poor Blood Circulation


Most people don’t give the idea of blood circulation much thought. After all, the heart beats at least 60 times per minute in the average person to deliver blood to all parts of the body and make sure that all cells have received oxygen and nutrients. Since this is an automatic body function, it doesn’t even occur to people that there might be a problem.

However, many diseases and conditions can cause poor circulation, or inadequate flow of blood throughout the body. And this, in turn, can lead to serious problems for the skin, kidneys, brain and heart, just to name a few of the organs that can be greatly affected by this. Below are some of the most common warnings signs that blood flow is inadequate.


Leg ulcer often resemble an inflamed rash but do not go away, even with treatment. They can sometimes be painful.


Swelling in hands or feet can signal that poor circulation is interfering with kidneys and the body cannot get rid of excess fluid.


Poor circulation can mean that oxygen is insufficient in the legs and this can lead to discolored skin.

Varicose Veins

These swollen, twisted blood vessels beneath the skin can be cause from the buildup of blood or fluid in vessels if circulation is sluggish.

Thin Hair and Nails

If circulation is poor, hair and nails can become thin or brittle due to lack of nutrients.

Digestive Issues

Poor circulation can cause the digestive process to slow, which can lead to bloating and constipation.

Frequent Infections

The immune system can be weakened by poor circulation, making it easier to pick up bacterial or viral infections.

Cold Hands and Feet

Decreased blood flow can lead to feelings of coldness in hands and feet.


Poor circulation means that the muscles, too, are not getting enough oxygen and nutrients and this can cause feelings of tiredness or fatigue.

Erectile Dysfunction

In men, poor circulation can also present as the inability to achieve or hold an erection.

Chest Pain

Decreased blood flow to the heart can cause pain or tightness in the chest, called angina.

Lack of Appetite

Since decreased circulation slows the digestive process, it is easy to lose the appetite or feel full very quickly.

Mental Fogginess

Decreased oxygen to the brain can cause poor mental function and make it harder to concentrate or think.


Poor blood flow can also cause a feeling of numbness, particularly in the hands and feet.

If several of these warning signs sound familiar, make an appointment with a doctor or other medical practitioner today. Getting to the root cause of this problem is important, as it can lead to effective treatment plans and prevent any complications from this problem.

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