The 14 Creepiest Lies The Food Industry Is Feeding You


We all know that a hamburger patty or bun from Mc Donald’s is made out of questionable ingredients, but you might not realize that other foods you eat on a daily basis – and think are healthy – are even more horrific. Let’s take a look to the creepiest lies the food industry is feeding you.

1.    Includes Whole Grains

We all know that whole grains are healthier than refined grains. Many products on the market claim that they include whole grains. These whole grains have been pulverized into fine powder, meaning they spike blood sugar just as fast as refined grains. And on top of that they contain other harmful substances like sugar and high fructose corn syrup.

2.    Made With Real Fruit

Often we see ‘made with real fruit’ on the package which makes it sound much healthier. The truth is that the real fruit listed on the label is nothing more than a fruit puree concentrate with only a small percentage of real fruits accompanied with sugar, corn syrup and other questionable ingredients.

3.    Gluten Free

These days many people go on a gluten-free diet. The food industry jumped on this trend and came up with all sorts of gluten-free products, but these are not healthy.  They are made from highly refined starches – such as corn starch, potato starch, tapioca, etc. – and are loaded with refined sugar as well. So best is to avoid these products and swap the gluten containing whole grains with other real foods.

4.    All Natural

Same story as with the real fruits, many people believe foods labeled ‘all natural’ or ‘natural ingredients’ are healthy. But the truth is that the FDA has no definition of the term ‘natural’. So as long as companies don’t add added colors, artificial flavors or synthetic substances they can use this term. If you take a closer look at the ingredients list you may be surprised to find that half of the ingredients are not as natural as the label claims.

5.    Low In Sugar

The food industry has a disgusting way to hide the true ingredients of their food. Although the package may state low in sugar, high fructose corn syrup or evaporated cane juice are only a few other example of names that are exactly the same thing.

6.    Low-Fat Or Fat-Free

We have been told for years that fat is the main culprit of heart diseases and overweight, so the food industry came up with the fat-free or low-fat products to make us believe we are eating healthier foods. Fat is what makes your food taste great, so to compensate the flavor loss they put in sugar, artificial sweeteners, MSG, and many other chemicals to enhance their taste.

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7.    Trans Fat Free

On many processed foods we see the label trans-fat free, but did you know that as long as a product contains less than 0.5 gram per serving, food companies are still allowed to put trans-fat free on the label? And another thing many companies have renamed trans-fat to the word ‘hydrogenated’. Another clever disguise. So avoid foods that contain the word hydrogenated, omega-6, or vegetable oils like corn or soybean oil.

8.    Healthy Fast Food

Healthy fast food doesn’t exist! Many fast food restaurants offer healthy alternatives to their fried stuff, but actually these healthy-sounding options aren’t any healthier than other items on their menu. They often contain more sugar and calories than a candy bar… and they come with a whole list of additives and preservatives.

9.    Zero Calorie Drinks

These beverages contain artificial sweeteners instead of sugar. It is true that they contain less or no calories, but they affect your food intake and make you eat more. And these chemical substances have been linked to a wide range of health diseases. So opt for water or homemade infused water instead.

10.   Wood As An Ingredient

This may surprise you but some processed foods contain wood pulp, called cellulose, from recycled newspapers to improve their texture.

11.   Free-Ranged Chickens

Free range only means that chickens are allowed on an outside space, and it is only regulated for chickens raised for meat. So the eggs you eat mostly come from chickens crammed into a small room.

12.   Fake Blueberries

Blueberries are promoted as the best food to protect your body against free radicals. So many of us are stocking up products that contain blueberries. But the blueberries in your blueberry muffin or cereal are nothing more than corn syrup, food dyes, and other chemicals. So if you want to take the benefits of this super food, opt for real whole blueberries.

13.   Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice Scam

Most of these juices might be freshly squeezed, but what they don’t mention is that this happened a year ago. When orange juice is stored that long it loses its tangy taste. The solution, throw in some chemicals to restore the flavor!

14.   Renaming Harmful Ingredients

Food manufacturers often hide harmful substances under another name. MSG may be called E621, carrageenan may be called E407 or like mentioned before evaporated cane juice is nothing more than sugar.

Take home message: Eating a clean, fresh, whole-food diet is your best bet to steer away from these harmful substances.

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