13 Awesome Benefits of HIIT


HIIT, or high-intensity interval training, is a type of exercise where you alternate between highly intense anaerobic periods and rest periods for a more efficient, shorter workout.

These high intensity intervals must be done at near maximum effort and rest intervals must be done at around 50 percent. Therefore, if you are searching for something which breaks up the monotony of your normal routine, this is it.

It is Really Intense

As we discuss the high intensity of such training, we mean it. There is an emphasis on the high. Imagine the most intense activity you can think of, and then double it. It is even more intense than this.

Even more intense than your irritating friend who everyone refers to as “Mad Tina”. More intense than her.

Even more intense than hearing German techno at 2 a.m. in the morning alone inside your bedroom, or viewing ‘The Box’ scene from Seven (warning: explicit) repeatedly for 3 hours. Seriously, that is how intense this is.

It Just Lasts Seconds

That is right, seconds. Every burst of exercise will just last about 30 seconds. That is like the time it’ll take to read through the length of this paragraph.

Therefore, by the time you have finished reading this, it will be time to stop exercising. A win/win!

Continue burning fat long after your workout is finished

The intensity of your workout will ensure that your body continuously burns fat for up to 8 hours after exercising. Therefore, when you are eating a Double Decker at home later on that evening, the body is still burning a load of fat.

As you wake with aching quads the following day you know that burning ‘ain’t for nothin’.

You’ll Get a Break

The difficult work from all of the exercising will come with a nice bit of respite, which you do not get jogging on a treadmill.

One popular type of HIIT referred to as Tabata is based around an efficient 20 second workout that is followed by a 10 second rest, allowing you enough time to have a bit of a cry before starting the next 20 seconds.

It is a fantastic workout for stroke sufferers and helps to lower blood pressure

Ahmed who runs a fitness blog says HIIT helped him shed over 10 pounds in 4 weeks and also helped him control his blood pressure levels.

As for stroke sufferers, according to research by the University of Cincinnati for those who’ve experienced a stroke, HIIT has shown to be an especially effective workout in helping with their recovery as compared with more boring, regular exercise routines, and is reported to substantially improve aerobic ability.

It Burn Lots of Calories

When we say a lot, do not underestimate us. You recall how intense we said the workout was? That intensity actually pays off: High Intensity Interval Training can torch 13 calories a minute – which, for your information, is 3 calories more than running alone.

The reason for this increase in calorie burning is because of your body working to its maximum heart rate.

Burns More Fat Than Other Workouts

Yes. In case you missed it when I talked about that Double Decker, HIIT not just torches calories but torches fat, as well! This is because the intense exertion which goes into the workout, which increases your resting metabolic rate, assists in burning more fat than additional moderate exercise routines.

Fast workout

Three 20-minute HIIT sessions per week is plenty to start to see results. Do you want to place this into perspective? That is around the same time it’ll take to view an episode of your favorite comedy sitcom.

Where else will you receive a killer figure in the time it’ll take to view a Friends’ episode?

You Can Fit the Workout Around Your Schedule

Because of the short nature of this workout, it is simple to fit it in around a hectic schedule. Whether you need to squeeze in a workout during a lunch break or are rushing to your house to your family, HIIT will get you in and out of your gym super quickly.

So whether you have a date tonight or it is just an excellent night for a few cocktails, there always is time for a fast HIIT hit. You can no longer use that excuse that you ‘do not have time to do a workout’. Sorry.

Move it Out of the Gym

Having said that, there is no need to be holed up inside the gym to sink your teeth into an excellent HIIT session.

It’s possible to take it to the streets, the beach, or the park. Do some sit-ups with the ocean lapping at your toes. Do some pulls-ups on a big tree branch. Do some push-ups while squirrels hide nuts inside your hair. Get back to nature.

What’s better than that?

Reduce Glucose Levels

It turns out that, while being fantastic for busy individuals and those who hate the gym, it also is wonderful for those suffering with diabetes.

One study in Denmark showed that, twelve weeks of high-intensity interval walking for those who had Type 2 diabetes, their blood glucose levels were controlled better using this exercise method instead of continual moderate exercise, in spite of torching the same quantity of calories.

It is Cost Effective

You do not require equipment to do the High Intensity Interval Training workout, and you do not even have to go to the gym – the body literally is the only tool needed. Therefore, you cannot use that excuse that ‘gyms are overly expensive’ to avoid your work out. Sorry again.

Helps to ease the effects of Parkinson’s

Do you have to have any more reasons to take up High Intensity Interval Training? Okay, here is one more.

Research done in Poland shows that muscle rigidity discovered in Parkinson’s disease sufferers was substantially relieved in both the lower and upper part of the body after only an hour of interval training, three times weekly for 8 weeks.

I know, right? Great benefits!