12 Healthy Reasons to Drink Cabbage Juice


Cabbage is one of the super vegetables that are highly recommended for prevention of cancer, according to many studies, this vegetable stimulates production of antibodies to fight cancer. It is also a rich source of a number of phytonutrients which help boost our defense mechanisms, blocks the reaction of cancer-causing substances, detoxifies and eliminates harmful toxins and hormones.

It’s easy to juice a cabbage to include this common vegetable into your daily diet, combine carrot or celery to juice together is also recommended. If you want to own a powerful immune system to fight off diseases, if you want to have glowing skin, and if you want to lose weight, cabbage juice is powerful enough to help you achieve these goals. It’s worth adding this highly nutritious vegetable to your diet, here are some healthy reasons:

1. This cruciferous vegetable is rich in nutrients, it’s packed with vitamin C, E, K and B vitamins, and several minerals iron, magnesium, calcium and iodine.

2. Cabbage juice is rich in phytonutrients, making it a good choice to rid the body of free radicals.

3. Consume cabbage juice regularly helps you detoxify the toxins in the body, thus preventing diseases and cancer such as lung, stomach, prostate and colon cancer.

4. Cabbage juice acts as a great anti-inflammatory agent to rid your body of many inflammatory diseases, including arthritis.

5. Study found that people who consume cabbage juice often have a more healthier cholesterol level, as cabbage juice helps reduce LDL(bad cholesterol) drastically.

6. Cabbage juice from red cabbage contains amazing amount of vitamin C, almost 6 times the vitamin C that green cabbage contains.

7. Cabbage juice also rich in omega 3 fatty acids that helps lower high blood pressure and prevent strokes.

8. It’s an ideal agent for weight loss, as a cup of cabbage juice only contains about 30 calories, and it’s super low in fat while high in fiber.

9. It improves your brain function and concentration due to the good amount of vitamin K it contains. Red cabbage works better than green ones, as it has a higher amount of the powerful nutrients to help you fight against Alzheimer’s disease.

10. Cabbage juice is often been used in beauty products or some DIY facial mask,  as it is high in sulfur, the beautifying mineral that is essential for healthy skin, hair and nails.

11. Cabbage juice also works as a hangover cure.

12. Cabbage juice is a good treatment for ulcers, as it is a good source of L-glutamine, S-methylmethionine, gefarnate and glucosinolates, which are essential to protect your stomach and digestive tract. Read more natural treatments for stomach ulcers here.

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Beverly Entin