11 Tips To Immediately Reduce Your Daily Caloric Intake


Eating well and maintaining a healthy lifestyle also means keeping caloric intake low. A low caloric intake can help you take control of your weight, reduce unnecessary calories, and ensure that your lifestyle and efforts at the gym are well rewarded. However, as many will admit, reducing calories isn’t easy and it certainly isn’t enjoyable. Fortunately, many people aren’t always right. There are ways you can reduce your calories in an effortless manner that doesn’t leave you starved and fully aware of how much you are restricting your diet.

Below are 11 ways to reduce your caloric intake.

1. Drink Water Before Every Meal

Water isn’t only great for your skin, it is also beneficial for your stomach. Drinking water before every meal is the easiest way to reduce calories because water essentially ensures that you feel fuller, faster. This method is especially advantageous when you are looking to avoid that high-calorie dessert.

2. Avoid Sauces by Choosing Spices

Flavor comes in many forms, and some of those forms are true calorie bombs. One tablespoon of mayonnaise can have well over 60 calories, while your favorite salad dressing can set you back another 100. Rather than by the hefty price of indulging, you can spice up your food by actually using spices like black pepper, cayenne, ginger, and so many more.

3. Food Full of Fiber

Whomever said that Fiber One was just for old people really had it wrong. Fiber One and other fiber packed foods like fruits, vegetables, and whole grains are easy items that you can incorporate into your diet that will reduce your hunger and thus effectively reduce the number of calories that you eat.

4. Share Your Food

When it comes to calorie rich foods like snacks and desserts, sharing truly is a form of caring. Rather than take in hundreds of calories from a dessert that will leave you unsatisfied and guilty, share with a friend of loved one. This way, you can still have your cake and eat (some) of it too.

5. Eat Breakfast to Avoid Snacking

Snacking is one of the most malicious culprits that can destroy your calorie intake per day. Studies show that those that eat breakfast daily (choose something lean) can reduce their amount of snacking throughout the day and even boost their metabolism. So, before you take off for work, grab something healthy to eat so you won’t need to consume unnecessary calories throughout the day.

6. Home Cooked Food is Healthier Food

Everyone loves to eat out, but recognize that eating out is another calorie bomb waiting to explode. Rather than subject yourself to the consumption of hundreds of unnecessary calories, make the right choice and opt to eat at home. By cooking your own food, you can be sure that you’re cooking out of low calorie and healthy components.

7. Avoid Those Sugary Drinks

Another way to reduce your calories is to avoid sugary drinks like sodas, sweet teas, and sugar infused coffee. These drinks add unnecessary and hefty calories to your diet, expanding your waist line and making you feel guilty. Opt for water or tea instead.

8. Eating Too Many Nuts is Nuts

Healthy eaters love nuts. They’re good for stamina, they are full of protein, they contain healthy oils, and they are yummy. But, a lot can go wrong with this equation when you consume too many of them. Nuts should be eaten, but not excessively. To keep your calorie count low, one handful is a decent amount.

9. Undersize that Oversized Plate

In the United States, the average size of the American plate as nearly tripled in size. Yes, you read correctly – it has nearly tripled in size. A larger plate means more calories. For an effective way to reduce your calories, serve yourself food on a smaller plate. You’ll still feel satisfied and you’ll also be glad you cut down on unnecessary calories.

10. Moderate that Alcohol Intake

It may not seem like it, but that skinny cocktail that you ordered during happy hour isn’t as skinny as you think. Drinks like cocktails are made with sugary syrups that can add hundreds of calories in the mere amount of time that it takes you to consume your drink. Don’t fall pretty to the temptation. Opt for tonic water or cranberry juice with vodka instead.

11. Nix the Butter for Olive Oil

Lastly, don’t turn your dinner into a calorie bomb by buttering it up. To cut down on your daily calorie intake, cook your food in healthier oils like olive or grape seed oil. These oils are better for your health and your waistline.


Making the right decisions for your health can be daunting, but they are well worth it. By being aware of what you eat and reducing your daily calories, you can keep yourself looking good and ensure that those hours spent at the gym are truly paying off.