10 Ways to Increase Natural Longevity


Many of us would like to control the aging process, slow down the wrinkled look, the aches and pains of aging, the more rapid onset of diseases; but it is inevitable! That is what everyone tells you.

There is no such thing as old age! Right now, by applying the right nutrients, anti -oxidants and good energy thoughts we can achieve the natural longevity our body was built for.

Death by aging only accounts for 5% of deaths. All those diseases, pains, wrinkles or general “falling apart” feelings are caused by the processes of degeneration and inflammation in the body.

We can enhance the capacity of the body to resist disease, infections, injuries and slow inflammation when coping with stress. Give your body ways to eliminate the waste and poisons, help replenish living nutrients, and think more positive or creative thoughts! (We know negative emotions diminish the immune system).

Let’s review our general recommendations for increasing your natural longevity; then later in future articles we can follow up with more specific nutrients for natural longevity.

  1. Purchase a water filter; start with whatever you can afford, and then go up to a better filtration to neutralize chlorine, fluoride and all toxic chemicals and drugs that are being tossed into our water supply. Avoid long hot showers because they do deplete your body of minerals.
  2. Start using full spectrum lighting in your house; it slows down skin aging and stress levels, causes less fatigue, less dehydration and less depression.
  3. Limit time or at least take a few breaks daily from exposure to electromagnetic radiation! This includes phones, computers, T.V. and I-pads. Even excessive medical x-rays or scans cause degeneration of cells.
  4. Use cleaning products and your cosmetics from companies whose ingredients are all natural and non- toxic; none of those long names you can’t pronounce!
  5. Spend time outdoors, at least 15 minutes of sun per day. Do not worry about cancer exposure, your body needs natural sun, just limit the time and go before the sun is stronger before 10AM and after 4 PM.
  6. Get physical, aging is accelerated by lack of daily exercise, we need oxygen, and deep breathing helps. Start with simple walking, stretching or swimming before you begin more strenuous or physical activities. This is proven to increase natural longevity.
  7. Eat fresh, organic or as natural as you can fruits, vegetables and meats. Stay away from processed and pre-packaged products. Include herbs in your diet; many herbs are great for longevity like ginseng root, garlic, cayenne, and gotu kola.
  8. Cleanse or detox your body. Over the years; toxins, bacteria, and undigested waste matter has collected in our body, this stops us from absorbing the nutrients we need from our food. This can cause accelerated aging, skin problems, weight gain, and fatigue. Even if you simply cut back on food intake for a few weeks and drink lemon water daily it will make you feel much better to rid the body of some of the toxic matter!
  9. Meditate to help reduce stress; any prolonged stress causes inflammation and degeneration. Try yoga, tai-chi or prayer.
  10. Sleep well, use lavender or chamomile essential oil. Sleep is the body’s repair time; usually between 10pm to 2am.

So if you want to help prevent aging or slow down the inflammation or degeneration these suggestions will make a big difference in natural longevity of your life.

Live, laugh, forgive, seek peace, gratitude and thanks daily.

Here’s to looking good and long life!


Green Pharmacy guide to Healing Foods by James Duke





Cindy Burrows
Cynthia Burrows, M.T. CWC, Herbalist

Cynthia Burrows, from Austin, Texas, owns Cindy Burrows, Natural Health Consultant; assisting individuals with health issues they would like to change. She will set up a program giving choices of foods, herbs, teas and homeopathic suggestions. Cindy is past owner of Nature’s Healing Herbs, an Herbal, Green Tea, and Tincture product line, and a rare product line of Green Tea Foods. She has certificates for Herbalist at East West School of Herbology, and as Wellness Consultant with the Wellness Forum in Ohio.

Cindy is also a Medical Technologist, with a B.S. degree from Mansfield University in Mansfield Pa., she has been in healthcare for over 30 years. In 2005, she started using a new device founded in Europe, Quantum Biofeedback, “an energy rebalancing of the body”, by using our bodies electricity or frequency waves it can detect stress points in the body, she has added this to her consulting practice. She now has her Certification as a Biofeedback Specialist. She helps her clients by working with the synergy of herbs, food, homeopathy, and aromatherapy within her practice. She is a speaker, writer, and teacher. Cindy has been interviewed on TV; about the benefits of Green Tea and has been on radio about her small business tour to Ecuador.

Cindy has been an herbalist for over 20 years and has spent 6 years learning through the East West School of Herbology with Michael Tierra. She has studied Western, Chinese and Ayurvedic Herbs with a strong emphasis on nutrition. Along with many other continued studies of alternative and complementary medicine. She is a Certified Wellness Consultant, through a special program, The Wellness Forum, which has its nutrition program, now part of the curriculum at Ohio State University, providing educational seminars and workshops designed to impart relevant nutrition information to individuals to take control of their own health. These programs give healthier options and choices that can impact your longevity and quality of life. Cindy has been a speaker to many groups and has conducted many of her own classes on food and healthy life style programs.

Cindy has been involved with a hands-on healing program for the past 4 years and offers energy healing, through donation only, to anyone who needs her services.

She is Co-president of the Austin Herb Society and a member of the American Herbalist Guild. Cynthia has been a board member on many programs in the past including; La Sertoma, Arthritis Foundation, Toastmasters International, National Association of Female Executives, Handicapped Equestrian Learning Program, Entrepreneurs Association, and Austin Integrated Health Care Program.

Cindy also loves nature, animals, reading, blending teas, juices, etc.; likes to hike, and work with plants and, of course, cooking., mostly vegetarian.
Cindy has an adventurous streak.
She has organized and taken tours with business and artists groups to Big Bend, Texas, New Mexico, USA, and Ecuador, South America.