The 10 Ways You Can Make your Business Greener


Making your business greener is actually quite straightforward with the right guidance. What’s more there are many positives to becoming a more eco-friendly company. To point you in the right direction then, what follows are 10 different ways for you to try that can see your firm helping to protect the environment.

#1 Use Energy Saving Tech

To start with, it’s worth doing an audit of your current computer systems or machinery to see which are inefficient. Depending on your budget you can replace these, or alternatively you should try and program them to hibernate or turn off when they’re not in use. This way they’re not needlessly using energy.

#2 Install Efficient Plumbing Systems

You can apply the same criteria to your water facilities – especially if you have a larger firm. Low flow toilets or timed taps can significantly cut your amount of waste water.

#3 Hold Conferences Online

Whether you’re meeting clients or going to other sites, rather than travelling between offices or businesses and burning more fossil fuels, the solution is to hold your conferences online. Software like Skype or other VoIP services can allow you to make calls or hold video chats over the internet.

#4 Invest in Alternative Power Sources

Another simple and effective means of being greener is to install solar panels or wind turbines on your buildings or premises and have these renewable sources power your company.

#5 Create a Natural Look

By allowing your staff to bring in small desk plants, or even have a few dotted about your offices can create a pleasing natural aesthetic. It can also be a great way to create a calming and refreshing atmosphere for your staff.

#6 Upgrade your Vehicles

If your business is dependent on cars or trucks for whatever reason, it’s worth upgrading these to newer and more eco-friendly models. Electric and hybrid vehicles are readily available and the cost of purchasing these you can make back in reduced running costs.

#7 Create a Recycling Program

If you haven’t already got a recycling program in place, this is something you should introduce. Start with basics and separate your business waste into different categories like paper, plastics, food and glass.

#8 Change your Company Policy

Once you’ve unrolled this process, you can then change your company policy and aim to recycle the majority of your company’s waste. Put up posters to remind staff and reward them for showing a positive attitude towards this.

#9 Use Biodegradable Products

For certain company items such as cleaning products or hand soaps, buy ones which don’t contain chemicals that can harm the environment, or which can biodegrade naturally.

#10 Work with Local Businesses

Lastly, if you can, try to work with local businesses, especially for aspects like your catering or work uniforms. Not only will this support fellow establishments, you reduce the amount of carbon released into the atmosphere from the shorter delivery distances.
As alluded to above, the benefits these can bring you are numerous. Not only will you save on your energy costs, you also demonstrate to others that your company cares about the environment. This latter point in particular could make you the more favourable choice to prospective customers or clients and potentially lead to more business and bigger profits.

Graham Michael