10 Types Of Pain That Are Directly Linked To Specific Emotional States


Pain is one of the most common feeling in our body. Pain is first energy, second perception, and third physical manifestation. There is no other source of pain but energetic. Physical presentation is always secondary.  Each kind of pain may be related to a specific emotional state in our mind.  This shows us that although we are grown-ups yet we need to learn many more life lessons in order to learn how to avoid pain. Once we integrate those lessons, the pain disappears.

The body is extremely literal when it comes to pain. The experiences in your life directly mainfest in your body and when you encounter an emotional stress, your body shows you exactly what the problem is. The only thing you need to do is decode it.

10 Types Of Pain That Are Directly Linked To Specific Emotional States

Hands Pain

The hands symbolize the link to others, does not connect. If you feel pain in the hand, it may mean that you do not stretch enough out to others. Try to make new friends, restore the connection!

Neck Pain

It indicate that you may be having trouble with forgiveness of others, or even yourself. If you’re feeling neck pain, consider the things you love about yourself and others. Consciously work toward forgiveness.

Pain In Your Head

Headaches are contributed to not making a decision. Migraines are the daddy of headaches of knowing what decision to make and not making it.) Be sure to take time out of every day to relax. Do something that eases the tension.

Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain might mean you’re worrying too much about money or you’re lacking in emotional support. It may be a good time to ask for an overdue raise or consider a financial planner to help you utilize money a little bit better.

Elbows Pain

Pain in your elbows has a lot to do with resisting changes in your life. If your arms are feeling stiff, it may mean that you’re too stiff in your life. It may be time to think about making compromises and shaking things up a little bit. At the very least, go with the flow.

Gum pain

This pain is related to decisions that you are going to make. You will not be able live up to what you said. Anything that you start will look difficult, or you may feel too lazy to live up to your decisions.

Pain in knees

In this you will feel less support, difficulty in job, and many personal problems will raise. You need time for yourself, volunteer for small things, and do things that can make you feel a mortal human being. You may come across ego, but make sure to avoid it because it may ruin your life.

General Joints Pain

Like muscles, pain in joints represents flexibility or lack of situations and your attachments to them. Be open-minded to new thoughts, lessons and experiences.


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