10 Toxic Products You Can Live Without


When most people think about pollutants or contaminants, they don’t consider that such compounds could be right there in their own homes. And yet, many common household items that people don’t even think twice about contains many toxins that can have a strongly negative impact on your health, particularly with long-term exposure. Worse yet, these toxins may be in items you never even thought of as being unhealthy. Ten such items are discussed below.

Oil-Based Paints

Oil-based paints may last longer and be protective of the surfaces they are covering, but they also contain around 300 toxic chemicals, about half of which are known to be carcinogens. Wax-based or other natural paints are a much better alternative.


Vinyl, which is found in some form in nearly every home, is also dangerous because it leaches chemicals called phlatates (also suspected carcinogens) into the air and because of this, has been banned in 14 countries.


This is found in many soaps, gels and creams that are marketed as “antibacterial” but overuse of this has been linked to the formation of antibiotic-resistant bacteria which are an increasing threat to human health.


Air fresheners, soaps, cosmetics and other products which list “fragrance” as one of their products most likely contain the chemical diethyl (DEP) which also has proven carcinogenic properties and is also an endocrine disruptor.

Bottled Water

Although very popular throughout the country, bottled water can actually be just as dirty or polluted as what is coming out of the tap and in addition, the clear water bottles it comes in contain a chemical called BPA which can leach in and do damage to your health.


Many homes have chemicals around that are meant for killing off insects, rodents or other pests that can plague the house. However, use of these chemicals can contaminate the home: it is much better for your family’s health to use natural methods of pest control instead.

Nonstick Cookware

Multiple studies have shown that nonstick cookware contains chemicals only as PFC’s, which are linked to conditions such as cancer and fertility problems and that because of the widespread use of such cookware, nearly everyone has traces of these chemicals in their bloodstream.


It is hard to think of cleaners as being “dirty” but many common household cleaning products such as oven or toilet bowl cleaners are extremely toxic and use of them can contaminate the home you are trying to clean.


The FDA has confirmed that many lipsticks contain lead, a known neurotoxin. This can especially be a problem for pregnant women, as lead exposure can affect the neurological development of the baby both before and after birth.

Canned Food

Like water bottles, the linings of canned goods also contain bisphenol-A (BPA) which has been linked not only to cancer but to weight problems and heart disease. It is better to switch to foods that are fresh, frozen or stored in glass packaging.

So take a good look around your home and if you notice a lot of these products hanging around, starting a sort of “detoxification” program for your house. It may mean a lot of work, but in the long run it will also mean a safer environment for you and your family.

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