10 Tips to Avoid Snoring


10 Tips to Avoid Snoring

The issue of snoring is something that should be treated seriously and cautiously. It’s not something banal. It is estimated that 45% of the population in developed countries snore. Also, when you sleep with your partner, the problem is worsened because it affects the sleep of two people. And we all know the importance of having a good rest. So I offer you these 10 tips to avoid snoring.

1. Detect the problem and discuss it with the doctor

Snoring is a disorder that occurs during sleep in the upper airway, causing a characteristic acoustic phenomenon. It is easily identifiable, especially for people who do not live alone. However, many people snore without knowing it. The fact is that this condition can hide serious problems, so once detected it should be reported to the doctor to rule out sleep apnea or heart disease.

2. Consider your habits

Snoring usually occurs in high stress situations, or when a person suffers from obesity, respiratory obstruction, morphological problems of the nose, sinusitis and, of course, smoking and alcoholism. Consequently, healthy habits and a healthy diet can help to solve the problem.

3. Sleeping position

Another aspect that may influence snoring is the sleeping position. Ideally, lie on your side to ease breathing. Also, keep in mind that a mattress or pillow may worsen this annoying problem.

4. Avoid heavy foods

This type of food can also generate snores. It is not good to eat too much before going to bed. This will also control the problem of heartburn, which is related to snoring as well.

5. Maintaining good hydration

Drinking plenty of water helps decrease mucus that may affect the flow of air through the airways. It’s good to drink a glass of water before you go to sleep to prevent dryness of the throat.

6. Products

In case of nasal congestion, you can use sprays or sticks designed for this purpose. For chronic snoring, there are snoring devices that push the jaw and tongue forward for easy breathing (mandibular advancement devices). Nasal strips are also used. However there is nothing that is 100% effective, so you must do some testing, preferably under medical supervision.

7. Exercises

There are exercises that can be helpful to stop snoring, especially those that target the neck and shoulders. Keep in mind that some people have managed to improve their condition using aromatherapy or acupuncture.

8. Natural medicine

There are natural remedies that can help in the task of preventing snoring. For example, it is proven that an infusion of sage can help us breathe better during sleep. In case of allergies or cold processes, you can gargle with peppermint or nettle tea.

9. Good hygiene

The bed and the room in which you sleep should be free of dirt, dust and allergens. All these can interfere with your breathing. The environment should be as comfortable, airy and clean as possible. The air has to be refreshed every day.

10. Surgery

Sometimes your doctor may opt for surgery as a solution to stop snoring. The aim is to prevent upper airway obstruction. There is a simple surgery in which electrodes are applied to the nostrils. The anesthesia is local, and does not usually need an excessive postoperative period. It is not a very expensive procedure.

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