10 Surprising Signs of Stroke Risk


Strokes can happen without any warning symptoms at all and can lead to devastating consequences. Because of this, many people are naturally interested in ways that strokes can be avoided. A healthy lifestyle can help. It also helps to know what some of the risk factors are for a stroke. Many of them are well-known, such as a history of smoking. Some, however, are not as well-known but just as important and they are discussed below.


A history of migraines – especially if these migraines are accompanied by visual disturbances – puts you at a 21% greater risk of stroke, according to a recent study out of Iceland. Researchers suspect this is because there is likely a similar genetic component to both of these conditions.

Hispanic Ethnic Origin

If you are Hispanic, you are more likely to have a stroke than any other ethnic group. It is also more likely to be fatal: 33% of the deaths of Hispanic women are due to stroke, and 25% of the men. Scientists are still not clear as to why, though.

Regular Consumption of Processed Meats

Regular consumption of foods like bacon, sausage, lunch meats and hot dogs will give you a 23% higher chance of a stroke. Researchers suspect that this is because their high sodium content can lead to elevated blood pressure and stiffening of the arteries.

Sedentary Lifestyle

Moderate exercise several times a week can lower your chances of any stroke by 20% and of a fatal stroke by 30%. It also makes it more likely that you will recover from a stroke if one does happen.


Type II diabetics are two to three times more likely to have a stroke than someone who does not have this condition. Diabetics also tend to have more severe strokes with higher mortality rates.

African Ethnic Origin

If you are of African American descent, you are twice as likely to die from a stroke as a Caucasian. There is also a higher risk of a stroke earlier in life and this is especially true if you have a history of sickle cell anemia.

Overuse of Alcohol

Consuming three or more alcoholic drinks per day will increase your stroke risk by a whopping 45%. Binge drinking in particular is dangerous, especially if there is already an underlying condition of hypertension.


Anemia causes changes in the brain’s blood vessels that leave it more vulnerable to a stroke. This is true even if the anemia is mild: a recent study found that even mildly anemic men had triple the risk of dying in the year following a stroke.


Being overweight or obese puts you at three times the average risk for a stroke. These odds go up even higher if you also have high blood pressure, high cholesterol or both.

Poor Diet

A diet that is high in meats and starches and low in fresh fruits and vegetables will spike the stroke risk. Conversely, a healthy diet lower the risk considerably. While some of these risk factors such as ethnic origin cannot be controlled, many of them are modifiable lifestyle choices. This means that you can be empowered to take control and reduce your stroke risk dramatically depending on the choice that you make. More From Author : 4 Dangerous Effects of Artificial Sweeteners 5 Foods You Should Always Buy Organic 7 Things You Should Know About Antibiotics

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