10 Superfoods You Can Add to Your Coffee


Good news for the health-conscious: there are ways to take care of your body that are good for you and also positively delicious. At one time, for example, people were told to cut back on coffee. Now, more medical professionals are recognizing its worth. And to make it even healthier, consider adding any of the following “superfoods” to the morning java.

Grass-fed Butter

It may sound strange, but adding butter to your coffee is actually quite popular and there are many recipes for it on the Net. However, if you make sure that you purchase butter from grass-fed cows, you be adding a ton of antioxidants and Omega-3 fatty acids to your morning joe.

Coconut Oil

What can coconut oil not do? So far, this tasty superfood has been linked to weight loss, improved cardiac health due to lower cholesterol levels, increased energy levels and pain relief due to its anti-inflammatory properties. In short, coconut oil as an additive makes for one healthy cup of coffee!


This warm Indian spice not only adds a chai-like flavor to your coffee, it also adds electrolytes, Vitamin C, iron, and fiber. Cardamom is among the healthiest of spices and has been used to treat conditions like depression, certain forms of cancer and digestive problems.


Be sure to use Ceylon cinnamon in your coffee and you will be doing yourself a real favor by adding a spice that has been linked to various health improvements, include weight loss, regulated blood sugar levels, improved blood pressure and better digestion.

Reishi Mushrooms

You can buy Ganoderma coffee (whose beans are infused with reishi) in the store, but a cheaper alternative is to add reishi powder to your coffee in the morning. This is especially good if you have chronic pain, low energy or compromised immune system, as reishi mushrooms are good for all three.

Egg Shells

Make your coffee Scandanavian-style with egg shells and you will be treating yourself to a cup of coffee that is not only incredibly smooth but is also a great source of calcium and which also reduces the acidity of the coffee.

Cacao Powder

Got mocha? Pure cacao powder will not only lend a rich, chocolate taste to your coffee, it will also provide you with antioxidant, antimicrobial and antispasmodic compounds that will decrease your chances of developing cancer and improve your cardiac health.


The collagen in gelatin, especially if it is from grass-fed sources, will help make your joints supple and also will soothe down digestive problems and help with the appearance of the skin, keeping it firmer and young-looking.


Cayenne pepper will not only add heat and flavor to your morning brew and really wake you up! It will also help your body to detoxify and even help with digestive issues like heartburn, nausea or flatulence. It is also an antimicrobial to help keep you heathy.


Ginger will lend its distinctive taste to your cup of java, but it is also a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory which can help improve your general health.

So if you want to make your coffee really healthy, consider adding one of the ingredients listed above to put you over the top first thing in morning!

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