10 Reasons You Should Eat Cucumber


As summer heats up and gets full of warm days, barbeques and afternoons at the beach, remember that one of the best summer vegetables, the cucumber, is good for more than just salads. Read on for ten reasons why it is a good idea to include them on the bill of fare.


Contributes to Hydration

When the summer days get long and hot, getting enough to drink can be a problem. Cucumber, being 90% water, can help replace lost fluids and keep the hydration levels adequate, though of course it is no substitute for drinking water frequently throughout the day.


Helps Burns of all Kinds

Cucumber is a cooling plant and can help with burns inside and out. If the barbeque was too spicy and heartburn is setting in, a helping of this vegetable can help soothe an irritated stomach. If a day at the beach has left behind a sunburn, cucumber applied to the skin can help soothe it just as well as aloe.


 Eliminates Toxins

Cucumbers can be a great part of a light, detoxifying summer diet. Because they are mostly water, they can help the body to eliminate unwanted toxins from the body and boost the energy levels, especially with regular consumption. They can also help dissolve kidney stones.


 Replenishes Vitamins

Another reason why cucumbers are such a healthy choice is that they are loaded with vitamins that the body needs to stay healthy. Sliced and added to a salad of leafy green vegetables, they make a potent summer lunch loaded with the nutrients the body needs.


 Nourishes the Skin

Between sun, warmth and wind, the summer can be tough on skin. Applications of cucumber can help to nourish and restore it. It is rich in minerals like magnesium and silicon and there is a good reason why cucumber treatments are so popular at spas!


Aids Digestion and Weight Loss

Cucumber is an excellent diet food since it is low in calories and high in fiber, making it a great choice for those trying to lose weight. Because of the high fiber content, it is also great to strengthen the gastrointestinal tract and prevents constipation.


Revives the Eyes

Because it is mineral-rich and cooling, cucumber can revive the eyes as well as the skin. One of the oldest beauty tricks in the book is placing cucumbers over the eyes to reduce under-eye bags and puffiness.


Fights Cancer

Cucumber is also a food which has been shown to help fight cancer. That is because of chemicals called lignans, which have been showed to help reduce the risk of developing cancer of the ovaries, breast, prostate and uterus.


Promotes Heart Health

Cucumbers promotes heart health because of compounds called sterols that can help lower cholesterol levels. Because it is rich in fiber, potassium and magnesium, it can also decrease the blood pressure. High blood pressure and cholesterol levels are major risk factors for cardiac disease.


Treats Diabetes

Cucumbers are an excellent food for diabetics. Its juice contains a hormone which stimulates the pancreas to produce insulin, which can be very therapeutic for managing blood sugar levels.

So consider adding this wonder vegetable to the diet. Cucumbers are not only delicious, but will help with everything from puffy eyes to weight loss and be a great addition to summer soups and salads.

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