10 Problems That Bananas Resolve Better Than Pills


If you’re anything like me, you love eating bananas. It has been revealed that there are problems that bananas can fix better than pills. Eating banana not even tasty in fact very vital for our health.It contains vitamins,protein and many other nutrients in a abundant quantity, its has thiamin, riboflavin, neocin, and folic acid which is the main source of energy in banana.

In recent studies it is found that eating banana not even good for health in fact it also increase our body fairness. It increase our body strength, also control women periods problem’s by keeping them healthy.As it contains lot of fiber as a result banana save us from many disease.

10 Problems That Bananas Solve Better Than Pills

1.Banana is a very good source of energy as it gives energy instantly after eating it due to this lot of athletes use this more.

2.Banana very helpful in reducing stress,it contains tryptophan amino acid which us to keeps our mood cool and happy.It also contain potassium and magnesium due to this it keeps people depression away.

3.Banana also have health benefits for heart patient,it also helpful for those patient who have high blood pressure because it contains high potassium and less salt.

4.By eating banana daily with milk it increase our memory power.

5.It also helpful for anemia patient as banana contains lot of iron which increase hemoglobin level of our blood.

6.Banana also help our body to keep imbalance hormone balanced.

7.Banana keep pregnant women sugar level balanced which remove their morning sickness.

8.Due to its high nutrition value its control our acidity, Dr. said that banana made lubricant layer in stomach which reduce the cause of ulcer in body.

9.It contains vitamins-6 which keep our blood glucose level in control manner

10.As It is also a main source of fiber,due to this eating banana at morning reduce the constipation.

So eat daily banana with milk to keep your body disease free and with full of energy.

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