10 Powerful Herbs for Liver Health


The liver is incredibly important for overall health. Along with the kidneys, the liver is the main detoxifier of the body, filtering out unwanted substances and cleansing the body of a variety of harmful compounds. It also helps to metabolize various nutrients that are needed for overall health. Below are ten of the herbs that work best to keep the liver functioning at an optimal level.

Milk Thistle

The antioxidant properties of milk thistle make the liver more efficient at detoxification and can even help repair damaged liver tissues and stimulate the production of bile, as well as reducing fibrosis and inflammation.


Dandelion extract can help protect the liver due to its strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and can help improve general function as well as deterring specific problems like cirrhosis and the build-up of fatty tissues.


Licorice contains a compound called glycyrrizin, which makes it a potent treatment for chronic liver conditions like hepatitis as well as liver cancer. It has been shown that licorice stimulates the production of interferons, which can help protect the liver from many toxins.


The active antioxidant compounds in artichokes help to protect liver cells from oxidative stress and supports the regeneration of liver tissue while at the same time stimulating bile production. It has the added bonus of being able to lower triglyceride levels in the blood.


Botanically related to ginger, turmeric helps with enzyme stimulation to make the liver more efficient at detoxification. Studies have also shown it to be an effective treatment for Hepatitis B and can help reduce the chances of developing fatty liver disease.

Greater Celandine

Although not as well-known, celandine is arguably one of the best herbs for liver health and can help treatment a variety of conditions include jaundice and hepatitis. It is an effective liver cleanser and helps the liver detoxify by stimulating bile production.


From ancient times, chicory root has been used a liver tonic. It, too, works by increasing the production of bile and can prevent the formation of liver stones as well as gallstones and even protects against the effects of excessive alcohol or caffeine.

Yellow Dock Root

Used for its ability to purify the blood, dock is also one of the most potent herbs for detoxifying the liver and stimulate bile production to help with digestion and regular bowel movements, which help remove waste from the body.


Astralagus not only help to repair liver damage that has already occurred, it can also help prevent further damage from happening in the future. It also helps with digestion and bowels to help remove toxins efficiently and take some of the work load off the liver.


Beets contain a chemical called betanin, which has been found to be supportive of overall liver health and to make it easier for waste products that have been filtered from the liver to be flushed out of the body.

Overall health is simply not possible without a healthy liver. Fortunately, the herbs listed above are accessible and all make great general tonics, as well as protecting the liver from specific issues which can affect not only the liver but the entire body as well.

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