10 House Plants That Improve Air Quality


Indoor air pollution can be a big problem in many homes, but fortunately there is a great natural solution for this – houseplants. Houseplants fight indoor air pollution by both cleaning up toxins from the air and by producing oxygen while taking up carbon dioxide. Ten of the best species for purifying the air in your home are listed below.

Aloe Vera

This blue-green succulent plant helps to get rid of many common household chemicals, such as those found in cleaners and paints. In addition, its gel is a great first aid treatment for burns and other skin irritations.

English Ivy

This climbing vine has earned the number one ranking from NASA for air purification due to its ability to cleanse the air of serious pollutants like formaldehyde. It is a great plant for those with allergies or asthma.

Spider Plant

The long, slender leaves which give the spider plant its name not only provide attractive foliage but absorbs carbon monoxide, a serious and sometimes fatal pollutant.

Areca Palm

This indoor palm is a great general purifier and the older and bigger it gets, the more effective it is at purification.

Peace Lily

Another great general purifier, the peace lily is particularly useful as it does well in the shade or in areas with low light.

Snake Plant

Unlike most plants, the snake plant absorbs carbon dioxide at night rather than during the day and like the peace lily does well in shady areas.


There are many reasons why this is such a popular indoor plant – not only is it easy to grow, it also helps purify the air by filtering out pollutants like formaldehyde.

Golden Pothos

This plant is a great general purifier, but it is best to be cautious about having this plant in your home if you have small children or pets, as their leaves are toxic and should not be ingested.


If you are looking for a plant that will clean the air while still being aesthetically pleasing, marginata may be the choice for you, as it has glossy, attractive foliage but still is great at removing toxins from the air.

Chinese Evergreen

This evergreen is not only easy to maintain and grow, it does well in the shade or in low lighting and is a great way to purify the air in your home.

Keeping house plants can be a great way to fight indoor air pollution and keep your home safer and healthier for you and your family – and this can be particularly important if you have a family member who has a compromised immune system or respiratory problems. The plants listed above are particularly good at removing unwanted toxins and keeping your air clean and safe.

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