10 Health Benefits of Quinoa: The Superfood of the Future


Although quinoa is often referred to as the new supergrain of the future, it is actually a seed from a vegetable related to spinach, chard, and beets. It has been around for more than five thousand years. Inca’s called it the “Mother of all grains”, because it increased the energy or stamina of their warriors.

Quinoa has become very trendy these days amongst health conscious people. Once you see what this superseed can do for you, you’ll want add it to your meals on a regular basis.

Here are 10 health benefits of quinoa:

1.    Complete Protein

Quinoa is one of world’s best plant-based protein sources (8 grams per cooked cup of quinoa). It contains all 9 essential amino acids that our body needs to function properly. Including lysine, which most plant-proteins lack. Lysine is essential for tissue growth and repair, strengthens immune system, and raises serotonin levels (feel good hormones).

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2.    Loaded with Fibers

Quinoa contains almost twice as much fiber as most other grains. 1 cup provides a fifth of your daily need. Fibers are important for digestion and it helps to balance blood pressure and glucose levels.

3.    Rich In Essential Minerals

Quinoa is a good source of many essential minerals –such as iron, magnesium, potassium, zinc, and manganese – which most people don’t get enough of these days.

FYI: it is important to soak or sprout quinoa before cooking to reduce phytic acid content and make these minerals more available.

4.    Good Source of B Vitamins

Quinoa is a good source of B vitamins. It is particularly high in riboflavin or vitamin B2, which improves brain and muscle activity.

5.    Gluten-Free

Quinoa isn’t a grain, but it is cooked and used in the same way. It contains no wheat or gluten at all, making it the perfect addition to your diet if you have celiac disease, are gluten-sensitive or just trying to minimize or avoid gluten into your diet.

6.    Balance Blood Sugar Levels

With a glycemic index (GI) of 53, which is considered low, quinoa helps to stabilize blood sugar levels. But keep in mind, if you are on a low-carb diet, eat in moderation as it still contains quite a lot of carbs.

7.    Antioxidants

Quinoa is packed with health promoting antioxidants, which neutralize free radicals and may fight ageing and many diseases. It is particularly high in 2 flavonoids, quercetin and kaempferol. These important antioxidants have ant-inflammatory, anti-viral, anti-cancer, and anti-depressant properties.

FYI: sprouted seeds contain even more antioxidants.

8.    Weight Loss Aid

Most diets will allow quinoa on the menu due to its high fiber and protein content.  The fibers keep things moving and give you a full feeling. The proteins will boost your metabolism and reduce appetite.

9.      Heart-Friendly

Quinoa is a yummy way to protect your heart. It keeps your cholesterol levels and blood pressure in check.

10.   Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Although there isn’t many scientific data available, researchers believe that quinoa has anti-inflammatory properties. Many people have reported to found relief from chronic inflammation by adding quinoa to their diets. Click here to discover 16 more anti-inflammatory foods.

As you can see, adding quinoa to your diet will help you feel better, have more energy, lose weight, and improve your overall health.

Quinoa is an easy seed to incorporate into your diet. It tastes great and pairs well with most foods. Click the link below to get my favorite quinoa recipe to get you started.

Spicy Quinoa with Roasted Vegetables and Avocado Cream


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