10 Health Benefits Of Eating Organic Food


Organic groceries are becoming increasingly popular throughout the United States and the world, as people try to turn to a more natural diet and lifestyle to help cope with many of the chronic conditions like diabetes that modern foods and eating habits have caused. Below are ten health benefits to be had from eating organic.

Less Contamination
Conventionally raised food has been exposed to a whole range of chemicals during the heavily industrialized process. These could include pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and chemical fertilizers and exposure to these in your diet can cause an array of health problems. Eating organic foods is a good way to avoid this exposure.

Fewer Health Risks
As mentioned above, there are definite health risks associated with exposure to chemical residues from conventional agriculture. These risk include damage to the nervous system, reproductive system and immunity and could lead to long-term problems such as birth defects, strokes, cancer and Alzheimer’s.

More Nutrition
Because organic foods are raised in soils that have been naturally and richly nourished, the food that comes from them in higher in nutrients, too. Organic foods have been found to be significantly higher in many vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and micronutrients than their conventionally raised counterparts.

Decreased Cancer Risk
Consuming organic dairy products in particular can help reduce the risk of breast cancer. Non-organic dairy products raised with organocholoride pesticides contain a chemical called lindane which has been linked to breast cancer, but this exposure can be avoided by using organic dairy products instead.

Quality Assurance
Many people worry about food safety nowadays – and with good reason. However, food that is certified organic has to be checked by Quality Assurance International, an organization with high standards for how food is grown, processed and packaged. This helps to guarantee consumer safety.

Generally, it is over exposure to the sulphur dioxides in conventionally raised wines that give the unwanted “hangover headache” the next morning. A better bet is to indulge in organically made wine, which does not contain this.

Not Genetically Modified
Many people are concerned nowadays about eating food that has been genetically modified – especially since the food industry does not have to have such food labelled by law. However, you know that when you buy organic products that they have not be subject to any genetic modification.

Better Taste and Flavor
Apart from health or nutrition concerns, organic products just taste better. The way they have been raised puts emphasis on freshness and on flavor and this is obvious to people once they have sampled organic versus nonorganic produce in particular.

Wide Choice Range
In response to increased consumer demand, there are now a greater range of organic products than ever. This includes meats and dairy, fresh fruits and vegetables and more processed products like flours or even whole-prepackaged meals. And with demand on the rise, this range will likely grow wider.

Eating organic is a way to pass down a better world to your children – not only by eating organic foods when you are pregnant and nursing to reduce the risk of chemical contamination, but by supporting an environment that values healthy human and habitats both.

These are ten of the best reason that you can go out today and begin buying organic.

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