10 Healing Foods to Include in the Diet


More and more people – within the healthcare community and outside it – are beginning to understand the important of what is call dietary or nutritional therapy for treatment of many conditions, particularly those that are chronic. What someone eats can have an enormous influence on their overall health and wellbeing and below are ten foods which are particularly prized for their healing properties.

For stress problems, bananas are a great way to decompress naturally. Their sugar (about 14g for a medium banana) gives a little blood sugar boost and increases the production of serotonin (the “feel good” hormone) and this in turn leads to a much-needed feeling of calm.

Yogurt is an excellent way to get healthful probiotic bacteria into the diet; these bacteria promote good digestion and strengthen the immune system, while decreasing the chance of developing diseases like irritable bowel syndrome and some cancers of the digestive tract.

These are a great choice for those suffering from high blood pressure. Grapes in any form are a great source of polyphenol antioxidants, compounds which are known to promote cardiac health by normalizing blood pressure levels.

Kidney stones are a problem for a growing number of patients and apricots can help treat this naturally. They contain a combination of sodium, potassium and dietary fiber which can help prevent the accumulation of minerals in urine that leads to stone formation.

The biggest benefits from lemon consumption is detoxification of the body. Starting the day with a warm glass full of lemon water is an excellent natural way to help the body get rid of unwanted toxins and this will strengthen the immune system as well.

For throat infections or inflammation, pure raw organic honey is much more effective than traditional medications. It can soothe down membranes that are inflamed or irritated and also has natural antimicrobial properties to support the healing process.

Ginger is one of the best natural remedies available for nausea due to pregnancy, a recent surgery or simple travel sickness. It can also help with other digestive problems by keeping the gastrointestinal tract healthy and soothing down irritations like upset stomachs.

Garlic is an excellent and effective home remedy for yeast infections of all kinds. The essential oils in the garlic contain compounds which inhibit the growth of yeast and is particularly good for treating Candida albicans, the microbe which causes vaginal yeast infections.

Orange Juice
Fatigue is a problem which more and more people seem to be dealing with these days, and orange juice can help with that. Its high levels of Vitamin C help increase iron production, which in turn can help increase energy levels naturally.

Shitake mushrooms in particular contain lentinan, a compound which has been shown to fight against cancers of the digestive tract, especially the stomach and colon. They also strengthen the immunity to help decrease the risk of cancer in the first place.

Nutritional therapy is very important and is a great way to treat chronic conditions and everyday ailments. These natural therapies are generally less expensive than traditional medications and can also treat many conditions just as effectively and without undesirable side effects.

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