10 Food that Boost immunity in winter


Food that’s boost immunity in winter

Ginger: We all know how effective ginger is to get rid of from cough-cold. You must have to drink tea which is made from it.

Mushrooms: Eating healthy mushrooms boost Immune system. It contains extra beta glukon which gives compounds to the immune system.

Garlic: Garlic is considered to rid of from winter. One cannot get cold by eating it. It also fights with infection and virus.

Chicken Soup: Chicken soup is considered very well for fighting cold wave. Intake of a big bowl of chicken soup fills the stomach and also gets relief from cold.

Spinach: Spinach has lot of antioxidant, vitamins and minerals which fix the immune system.

Carrots: Include carrots in your diet in winter. It would destroy the virus which produced in the body.

Cocoa: Raw cocoa beans strengthen immune system. If you eat cocoa flavor chocolate instead of cocoa it will not help at all.

Black Pepper: You should include pepper in your diet to fight with cold, cough etc in winter.

Curd: It has very healthy bacteria which keep your stomach fit. In winter you must have to eat warm yogurt instead of cold yogurt.

Salmon: It is a one kind of fish which has lot of vitamins especially vitamin D. Immune system becomes strong by taking vitamins and it is helpful in fighting all the infection.

Tea: Drink herbal tea in the winter. People who are taking tea in the winter they does not get disease quickly.


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