10 effective ways to control your appetite


There are many things that you have to take care of when you are planning for weight reduction.  Among all those things, the most important one is to know how to control your appetite. Yes, controlling your appetite can be the toughest thing and if you are a junk food lover, then it is going to be much tougher. The following information is for all those people who find it really difficult to control their appetite. Here are some 10 amazing ways to control your appetite.


  1. Add lots of water: Water is essential for life and it is found that water helps to decrease the body fat by increasing the metabolic rate of the body. You will be able to shed out pounds of extra fat in your body and at the same time, you will also feel full when you are taking lots of water.
  1. Usage of HCG drops: Yes, one of the most common uses of HCG drops is seen in pregnant women. Apart from that, the next most important use of these HCG drops is for weight reduction. These drops work by reducing your appetite. This will help in taking in less amount of food.
  1. Increase the intake of proteins: Proteins are said to be one of the important things to add to your diet when you are planning weight reduction. Proteins will shed out the extra pounds and help in lean muscle development. As the proteins take a longer time to convert energy and hence you will eat less.
  1. Eat more frequently: You should not give too much gap between each meal because this way you will eat more. You should take fewer quantities and eat more frequently. This will help in suppressing your appetite and weight reduction as well.
  1. Too much of stress can be dangerous: There are many studies which showed that people who have too much of stress consume more food. So, do not give in your body and brain to too much stress. If you are happy, then you eat healthy and stay healthy.
  1. Get enough sleep: Getting enough sleep is also one of the important things that you need to follow. When you have a sound sleep, you feel energized and you will avoid eating too much as you are already energized.
  1. Healthy breakfast: Breakfast is said to be the most important meal of the day and if you start it healthy, then you don’t have to carve for more food as it keeps you energized all day long.
  1. Be choosy with snacks: Choose some snacks which will keep you fuller, but do not increase your weight.
  1. Keep yourself engaged: Do not keep yourself free for too long, especially when you are alone at home. You will feel like eating something or the other.
  1. Control your mind: Yes, there are many situations when you feel full, but feel like eating something. You will have to control your mind and you don’t have to eat whenever you feel like eating. Set up a proper diet chart for yourself.

These are simple and easy to follow tips for everyone who aims at weight reduction. By following the 10 tips you can easily get into a good shape in no time and be healthy with great living and food habits.

Peter Ryder
I am Peter Ryder, an enthusiastic writer and medical consultant currently working for HCG. In addition, I love to travel and cooking is my passion. I try to give out knowledge I gain in the field of medicine for those who are unaware of simple methods to achieve great healthy life. I feel it as a contribution from my side as an educated individual to the society.