10 Early signs of diabetes


Managing diabetes can be easier with a prompt diagnosis, so here are 10 early signs of diabetes.

Maybe you know you have diabetes. If so, there’s a bright side: at least you know. It’s estimated that diabetes affects somewhere around 24 million Americans, but there are only about 18 million that are aware of it. That’s why this particular disease is also known as “the silent killer.” You can’t get rid of it, but you can manage it. And managing diabetes is much easier if your doctor is able to get an early diagnosis, as you will be able learn about the best diabetic foods, equipment and treatments before it advances too far.

5 Signs You Might Have Type 1 Diabetes

Our bodies use insulin to transfer sugar (glucose) from the blood and into the cells that need it. Someone with Type 1 diabetes doesn’t have the necessary insulin to make this sugar transfer happen. That lack of glucose in the proper cells leads to some symptoms of Type 1 diabetes that may be apparent before you even know you have the disease. Type 1 diabetes usually hits us when we’re young, but it can technically happen at any point. It is a chronic disease that you will have your entire life once you get it, but if you are able to get an early diagnosis, managing it can be easier. Here are 5 signs you might have Type 1 diabetes:

1.Excessive fatigue and irritability. We all get sleepy sometimes, and when we get sleepy we can even tend to get a little cranky. Without your body making proper use of its glucose, you may find you hardly have the energy to get up off of the couch.
2.Extreme thirst. While our bodies use thirst to indicate that we’re low on water, excessive thirst isn’t normal and could be an early indicator of diabetes.
3.Frequent urge to urinate. If you’re consistently waking up in the middle of the night to head to the bathroom, this could be a sign of diabetes.
4.Strong hunger pangs. If you are consistently experiencing strong hunger pains, then your insulin and glucose levels may be out of whack.
5.Rapid weight loss. Sometimes inexplicable and rapid weight loss can be a sign of diabetes, so if this occurs be sure to check with your doctor.

If you are finding any of these symptoms in your daily life, then you should see a doctor and have yourself tested for diabetes.

5 Signs You Might Have Type 2 Diabetes

While Type 1 diabetes involves a body’s inability to produce insulin, Type 2 diabetes is a version of the disease where the liver, muscle and fat cells are unable to respond to insulin in the right way. The difficulty with Type 2 is that its symptoms may lie dormant for years until they finally rear their head in full force. Diabetes can affect more than just thirst, hunger, and visits to the bathroom, so symptoms of Type 2 diabetes could be any of the above symptoms as well as the signs below:

6.Poor circulation. Without good blood circulation you may begin to have dry and itchy skin.

7.Skin conditions. Various skin conditions, like acanthosis nigricans, which causes a darkening of the skin in the arm pit or around the neck, can be a sign of Type 2 diabetes.

8.Tingling and numbness, swelling, and even burning pain in the hands and feet. This would mean that the diabetes has begun affecting the nerves.
9.Slow healing wounds and infections. If cuts and bruises are taking too long too heal, this can be a common sign of diabetes.
10.Deteriorating vision. Blurry vision, or seeing random floating things and even spots of light, may be an early indicator of diabetes.

If you’ve noticed these symptoms, you may want to talk to a doctor.

Be Safe, and Visit Your Doctor for Diabetes Testing

We believe that it is possible to have an enjoyable, fulfilling life with diabetes, as long as you know how to properly manage the disease. Don’t hesitate to set up an appointment with your doctor to verify whether or not any symptoms you may be experiencing are signs of diabetes. It’s also important to know that sometimes people with diabetes have no symptoms. That’s why its a good idea to get a regular check up from your physician. Once you know a little more about where your body stands, then you may need a little assistance managing it. If so, check out our line of diabetic meals designed to assist your body with managing the disease.




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