10 Cancer Causers Lurking in Your Home


When most people hear the word “toxin” or “pollutant”, they might starting thinking about belching smoke stacks or biohazard suits. The images of many things that are in the home and part of everyday living do not come to mind. However, there are many domestic products that are in the majority of households that contain ingredients linked to cancer development and other long-term health problems. Below are ten of the most common carcinogens that could be present in the home.

Air Fresheners

This products are widespread to keep the home smelling clean and helping to eliminate problems like pet odor. However, many of them contain napthelene and formaldehyde, both of which have been linked to cancer development. Essential oils are much safer to use.

Art Supplies

If you or your kids are into crafts, chances are you’ve got supplies with potentially carcinogenic ingredients. The most common offenders in this category are acrylic paints, epoxy and rubber cement glues, and permanent markers.

Automotive Supplies

Most garages are full of things like oil, antifreeze, cleaners and other supplies to maintain your automobile. However, most of them do contain cancer-causing and lethal ingredients: whenever possible, get them out of the house and dispose of them at a waste disposal center to make sure it is done safely.


Nearly everyone loves a candlelight dinner for a special occasion, but be sure to use beeswax candles if possible: the scented paraffin candles produce many unhealthy byproducts as they combust, including soot which is incredibly bad for your lungs.

Upholstery and Carpet Shampoos

These too can contain many toxic ingredients, but fortunately there are natural cleaners available that will be just as effective without putting your health in danger. Such products can be found online or at a local health-conscious store.

Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning uses a number of toxic chemicals to do its job, but it is also possible to find cleaners who use a wet-clean method which is much better for you and the environment. Also consider purchasing clothing which does not require it at all – you will save a lot of money!

Tick and Flea Control Products

Controlling ticks and fleas is important if you have pets, but try to avoid products using lindane, which is also a suspected carcinogen and consider natural methods of flea and tick control instead.

Varnished or Paints

VOC is a common compound in paints which can release toxic fumes into the air once an area has been painted and many of these compounds or known or suspected carcinogens. Fortunately, more and more non-VOC paints are available on the market today.

Household Pesticides

Products meant to control insects or other household pests also can contain many chemicals linked to cancer. However, there are many natural ways to repel pests from your home without resorting to these harsh products.

Plastic Containers

Many plastic containers, such as water bottles or ones used for food storage, contain BPA, a chemical linked to cancer development and other health issues. It is especially important not to microwave these containers, as it can cause the chemical to leach into your food.

So even around the house, it is necessary to be careful because, unfortunately, many everyday products there can harm your health if you do not take precautions.

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