10 Best Herbs for Kidney Cleansing


The kidneys may be small organs, but they have an enormous impact on the body and the overall health. Among other things, they help increase red blood cell count, help moderate blood pressure and help the body to absorb Vitamin D – and this is in addition to filtering impurities and toxins from the blood that are later excreted in the urine. A healthy diet, adequate hydration and exercise are supportive of kidney health, as are the herbs listed below.

Chanca Piedra
This South American herb, translated as “stone breaker” has been used to help support kidney health and to both prevent and treat the formation of kidney stones. Ayurvedic tradition also confirms its use for ailments of the kidney and bladder.

Goldenrod, a common North American plant, was long used by Native Americans as a kidney tonic. Research has shown it to be effective for over health of the urinary tract and for kidney detoxification.

Hydrangea Root
Another native plant to North America, this was used by Native Americans and European settlers alike for its ability to ease the pain of kidney stones and to even prevent them from forming in the first place.

This water-loving plant is a natural diuretic, which means that it stimulates urination to help flush toxins from the kidneys and urinary tract. It also has powerful antioxidant properties which protect the kidneys and bladder.

Celery Root
Like horsetail, celery root (and seeds) are natural diuretics. The increase in urination help to remove toxins from the urinary tract by flushing them out, and horsetail also support urinary tract health by being a good source of both sodium and potassium.

Gravel Root
Another North American plant, this too was used by both indigenous peoples and European settlers to promote urinary tract health. Its benefits like stem from a compound called euparin, which this thought to be able to discourage the bacterial growth which can lead to urinary tract infections.

Uva Ursi
This plant, also called “bearberry” has long been valued for its astringent properties that can nourish and tone the urinary organs and research suggests that it is also useful for detoxification of the kidneys.

Marshmallow Root
Long considered to be a “soothing” herb, marshmallow roots likely acts by calming irritation in the lining of the urinary tract and also is a gently diuretic which can help with cleansing.

Dandelion Root
Many people do not realize that this common plant, abhorred by many as a weed, can have so many health benefits, but among other things, it has been shown to gentle promote urination to help cleanse the urinary tract.

Most people are aware of this herb’s properties as an aid to digestion. However, it too is a diuretic and can help prevent the build-up of toxins and bacterial growth in the urinary tract.

The kidneys are a small but important part of the body and keeping them healthy is an absolute necessity for achieving overall health. Fortunately, the herbs above in combination with a healthy lifestyle and good hydration can support and nourish both the kidneys and the entire urinary tract.

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