10 Best Canned Protein sources.


Have you ever wondered what the best 10 canned protein sources are? Perhaps you’re always on the move or just come home late at night in need of something to eat and you are just too tired to cook. Well, the good news is that canned food can indeed be a great source for proteins and for offering a balanced and nutritional meal.

1. Canned chicken
What could contain more proteins than chicken itself? And it now comes in a can. Well, canned chicken is indeed one of the best protein sources you can find. Besides a perfectly roasted chicken, I can’t imagine something with more proteins than canned chicken.

2.Canned Beans
Beans are everyone’s favourite food! Or is it? Canned beans are inexpensive, quite tasty and can often make you bloated. However, no one can deny that they are a great protein source, and shouldn’t miss from anyone’s kitchen. They are versatile and they can be eaten right there on the spot.

3. Canned anchovies
Anchovies are tiny little fish that are found in the Mediterranean and are absolutely delicious. If you like fish then you definitely like anchovies too. One more thing about anchovies is that they are literally packed with protein. All meat, delicious, salty little fish, anchovies are a specialty that everyone should try out and enjoy. Even if they’re just canned, they’re still great and they’re an amazing source of protein.

4. Canned Salmon
For those of us who will not simply eat any fish, salmon is the nobler alternative to anchovies or sardines. An absolutely delicious fish, packed with vitamins and minerals that have great nutritional benefits, salmon is one of those fish with an aspect so delicious that you could look at all day. It smells great, tastes amazing and above all, is also a fantastic source of protein. Having every inch filled with delicious protein, canned salmon is a healthy choice and a healthy alternative to all those other foods filled with preservatives on the market.

5. Canned smoked mussels
Only those who have never tried mussels will not be able to testify about their delicious taste. For everyone else, and all other seafood fans out there such as myself, mussels and especially smoked mussels are a wonder no one should miss In their lives. You can buy them canned and you will this way gain a delicious meal packet with a ton of protein.

6. Canned tuna.

Another source of protein, with over 26 g per 4 oz, canned tuna tastes deliciously and has great nutritional benefits.

7. Canned Turkey.

A delicious thanksgiving treat now canned. Canned turkey is a product that is very high in protein containing over 21 grams, thus offering a nourishing nutritional balance. This canned bird is however, not only packed with protein but also a delicious tasty treat for your taste buds. Carrying essential amino acids and vitamins, it is an extremely healthy food. It is low in cholesterol and the niacin it contains has been proven to widen blood vessel. Turkey is therefore a food that fights against cardiovascular disease, unlike other meats such as pork who promote it.

8. Canned Crab.

While it may sound suspicious and unusual, canned crab is in fact a very common food that is very rich in minerals and vitamins. Such a mineral is zinc which helps maintain levels of testosterone which is a very important anabolic hormone in our bodies. Crab is very high in protein and low in calories, making it a perfect food both for those who are looking to lose weight and for those who are trying to pack muscle and increase their strength and muscle volume. If you have never tried canned crab before you are missing out on a very tasty, great product which is also healthy and rich in protein.

9. Canned Mackerel

Not surprisingly, Mackerel is a fish who is very tasty and is a great choice for being put in cans. Mackerel is part of a fish family similar to tuna. It is a fish that lives in saltwater environments in the warmer regions of the world. Canned mackerel is a great source for protein and it has a powerful taste that could be described as fishy and rather oily. You can eat canned mackerel directly from the can or perhaps use it to make patties or fish cakes. You can also use it to make sandwich fillings.

10. Canned Herring
Breeding in both Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, herring is a very common fish that offers a great taste which can be described as strong and fishy. Herring is also often smoked, salted or sometimes pickled before canning. Herring is a very rich source of protein, offering an alternative to other meats such as chicken.