10 Best Benefits and Uses of Peppermint Essential Oil


Peppermint oil is a choice for lots of people to save in their medicine cabinet at home, as it provides many benefits for various ailments and around your home. This oil that harvested from the peppermint plant has been found in several Egyptian pyramids since 1,000 BC. And it’s said that just one drop of the peppermint oil is equivalent to drinking 28 cups of peppermint tea.

Choose peppermint oil as your first consideration if you are new to using essential oils, it will give you surprise! Here are some common uses for peppermint oil, and also with easy methods on how to use it:


Peppermint oil has ability to cool the body from allergies, mix together with lavender oil and lemon oil is a powerful way to protect you from seasonal allergies. All of these three essential oils have calming effects and  can cool down body inflammation that result from the body’s allergic response.

There are some other essential oils that also can help relieve the allergies symptoms, including oregano oil, cinnamon oil, black pepper oil, tea tree oil, cumin oil, thyme oil and basil oil.


Peppermint oil has strong anti-inflammatory properties due to the presence of I-menthol, makes it perfect for treating the pain and inflammation. Combine peppermint oil with a carrier oil and rub it on the affected areas to relieve pain.


This oil works great for cleansing the lymphatic system and releasing weight gain. It also helps support the gallbladder and soothe the digestive system. Simply add 1-2 drops of peppermint oil to a cup of water and drink twice a day to remove the toxins out of your body.


Thanks to its calming effect, it can be applied to the bottoms of feet to provide cooling and calming effects during fever. Keep in mind of that DO NOT use this method for younger children under 3 years old as this oil is highly concentrated.


When you’re suffering from a headache, massage a drop of peppermint oil onto your temples and forehead to get a relief within 30 minutes.

6.For A Clear Skin:

Mix 5ml of diluted peppermint oil with 2 tablespoons of grated cucumber, 2 tablespoons of green clay, use this mixture as a face mask, apply it to your face and wash off with warm water after 10-15 minutes. It will give you a clear skin as peppermint oil contains menthol, which creates a cooling sensation and it also improves the texture of oily skin.

7.Urinary Tract Infection:

Because of the antibacterial qualities, peppermint oil can be also used to treat urinary tract infections.

8.Stress and Anxiety:

Peppermint oil can provide relief from stress, anxiety and depression. It also clears your mind and increases focus on cognitive tasks. When you’re feeling tired, add some drops of peppermint oil to warm water and take a bath, it will help you remove body pain after a tiring day.

9.Dental Care:

You can add a few drops of peppermint oil on your toothpaste to stay away from bad breath and toothaches. This is due to its strong antiseptic properties, that’s why peppermint is added to numerous toothpastes.

10.Mosquitoes Repellent:

Peppermint oil acts as an excellent repellent for mosquitoes, spiders and other insects. Mix witch hazel with some drops of peppermint oil, lemon grass oil, tea tree oil and citronella oil in a glass spray bottle. Shake well and spray where required.

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