10 Amazing Ways To Reuse Brewed Tea Bags


Tea is in fact the most widely consumed beverage in the world. It is a best for soothing, refreshing, calorie free, and full of antioxidants and other beneficial substances for your body. Apart from its health benefits, you will pleasantly surprised to know that you can now reuse your old tea bags for many uses such as Soothe your burns, decrease your dishes, remove unpleasant smells and many more.


Instead of throwing that bag away, you can reuse it for 10 different  purposes.


  1. It helps in to cure rashes and bug bites. Just used by putting used cool tea bags on small rash or insect bite it also reduce inflammation.
  2. It can also treat boil, cover a boil with a wet tea bag overnight, it will drain boil without pain.
  3. As we know old is gold. Place cooled tea bags on your eyes for 10 minutes to relieve puffy, red eyes. Present of tannins in tea will reduce discolouration and inflammation. Chamomile’s tea work best to relieve agitated eyes.
  4. It also remove poison ivy, just take moisten cotton ball with strongly brewed tea and dab it on your skin to dry up the weepy rash. Repeat as needed.
  5. Tannins kill stinky bacteria, because it can make your feet smell good by soaking them in a steeped-tea bath for 20 minutes. black tea work best for removing bad odors.
  6. Use tea bags to help with dental pain. Place over area to reduce pain and swelling. They contain tannic acid.
  7. It will help in to keep plants healthier, put a few brewed tea bags over the drainage hole at the bottom of the planter before potting plants. It will retain water and nutrients to the soil.
  8. Burning tea bags is said to repel mosquitoes with none of the side effects of chemical bug sprays.
  9. It can also stop bleeding gums by putting a cooled, put tea bags on gums for while. Tannins constrict blood vessels, which will stop the bleeding, it also reduce the swollen tissues that cause soreness.
  10. It can keep turkey moist, just add few a brewed tea bag and a cup of water in pan. As it contain tannin which is a natural meat tenderizer also add delicious flavor in meat.






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