10 Amazing Reasons to have Sex Daily


Sex really isn’t just about having fun or making babies – it has clinically proven health benefits, too! Read below to find ten reasons why having sex daily is one of the healthiest things you and your partner can do for yourselves.

Stress Reduction

This should probably come as no surprise, but sex can help greatly reduce the effects of stress. This is because the act of sex itself produced endorphins – “feel good” hormones” and dopamine, which counteracts the effects of stress hormones like cortisol.

Physical Exercise

Well, they do say it’s good to exercise daily….and the effects of sex on your body are similar to those of workout: the heart rate and breathing rate rise and eventually you get tired. It is estimated that sex three times a week would lead you to burn around 7,500 extra calories a year!

Lowers Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is a serious problem…and sex is an enjoyable solution to it. Research coming from the University of Paisley found that participants who had sex regularly present with lower diastolic blood pressure.

Immunity Boost

Believe it or not, regular sex can also make it easier for your body to fight off illness and infection through boosting your immune system. For example, frequent sexual activity has been linked to a rise in Immunoglobulin A, an antigen which is able to fight off the flu.

Fountain of Youth

One neuroscience at the Edinburgh Royal Hospital, one of the premiere hospitals in Scotland, has studied the effects of regular sex on youthfulness and uncovered a link between the two. He had written about these effects in his book Secrets of the Superyoung.

Support Heart Health

There is also a link between regular sexual activity and heart health. In one study from the prestigious New England Research Institute, a team of researchers studied the effects of sex on the hearts of male patients and found that men who are sexually active are 45% less likely to develop heart disease.

Pain Relief

Again, unsurprisingly, there seems to be a link between regular sex and pain relief, likely do to the release of pain-killing endorphins. One study to of arthritic patients found that those who had sex frequently experienced less pain from their condition.

Builds Trust and Intimacy

The act of sex also releases a hormone called oxytocin, which enhances feelings of happiness and love. It is not surprising that couples who have sex frequently report greater feelings of closeness and partners are also less likely to stray.

Reduce Prostate Cancer Risk

Seriously. Clinical studies have shown that there is a definitely link between a reduction in prostate cancer risk and frequent ejaculations. One study out of Australia found that men who ejaculated around 21 times a month had a greatly reduced chance of prostate cancer.

Stronger Muscles

Frequent sex can also lead to the development of strong pelvic muscles as well as those in your quads, your core and your upper back. Regular sex also strengthens the muscles that allow for good bladder and bowel function.

So there you have it – sex doesn’t just feel good, it is good for you, too! So take the time out for each other, as there are a whole array of benefits of frequently love-making.

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